Photo courtesy of  Flickr

Photo courtesy of Flickr

As the world looks for more eco-friendly forms of energy to heat their homes, run appliances and power their cars, solar panels are becoming increasingly popular. The use of silicon solar cells to turn radiation from the sun into electricity is a clean alternative to coal and other non-renewable resources. In addition, homeowners everywhere are seeking smart ways to  save money on utilities. This makes solar panels a smart investment from all sides: they reduce bills, help the environment and even improve property values.

Decreasing Costs

A major decrease in the cost of solar power is part of the reason that solar has become so popular in recent years. Just last year, the cost of solar power in the United States dropped by 5% for residential customers and 12% for large scale solar operations. In the past, the high cost of solar had made it largely inaccessible to residential homeowners, and government subsidies and loans were often needed to help homeowners pay for solar systems. As prices drop, solar systems will become more available to common homeowners

Costs of installation and operation both have dropped, especially for small and medium sized panels. Solar panel companies still derive much of their profits from extended leases, deductions and tax credits, which makes it possible to offer systems at a much lower cost than before. 

Increasing Awareness

Warnings from scientists about global warming have becoming increasingly dire over time. Recently, 15,000 scientists signed their names to a plea to the world to take action to stem the tide of climate change. Many homeowners now sense in a very real way that their actions, and the actions of all other people on earth, have a significant impact on the environment.

Using renewable energy sources to power homes, control internal environments and power electric cars is one way that common people can contribute to global efforts to combat climate change. The more efficient their homes and businesses are, the better off the environment will be. 

Improving Technology

With time, solar technology has become more efficient, more prevalent in modern society and more easily integrated into the everyday fabric of our lives. Take for example the invention of solar shingles, which can be easily integrated into a home's normal shingle and roofing system. Homeowners appreciate the unobtrusive appearance of solar shingles.

In other words, this new technology is just one more way that everyday homeowners can use solar power in their everyday lives. As solar panels grow more efficient, longer-lasting and more easily integrated into the structure of normal homes, solar will continue to grow in popularity - just as has happened interior systems that are energy efficient.

Where Will It Go From Here?

Many people say that the cost of solar will continue to decline and more households will take advantage of the rock-bottom prices in the industry. One thing is for certain: the need for efficient green energy sources is unlikely to go away any time soon. As solar panels continue to become more advanced, more families and homeowners will seek out solar panel installation for their home. 

Proper advertising, good communication with potential solar customers and offers of the latest and greatest solar technology will all help lead homeowners down the path of solar energy. Solar business owners can take advantage of this strong interest and growing customer base by perfecting their message to their clients and ensuring that their customer service meets the needs of their customers. 

As environmental issues become even more important in society, solar panels may be installed on every home, and may be used in situations that no one ever anticipated. Business owners of solar companies are encouraged to continue to grow their business and work hard to meet the needs of their customers.