by Adriana Veasey

Being a student is a type of job on its own. So, if you add freelancing to the mix, it can get really challenging. Even though freelancing is a flexible job it still demands a lot of effort. The ultimate goal is to juggle both successfully so that you can finish school and earn some money at the same time.

While this can seem like a task that only super-talented multitaskers can accomplish, that is not the case. With these amazing tips, everyone can be a good student and work as a freelancer as well.

Know where to look

First of all, you should know which platforms are the best for finding a freelance job. If you have an opportunity to freelance in your local community that is great. But even if you don’t, you can search for a job on online platforms.

Choose a profession that interests you and search for a job that suits you. If the contract is based on hourly payment, pay attention to how many hours per week it demands. You want to leave room for your school assignments as well.

Nowadays, the choices for online platforms are numerous so the following list of the most popular ones will save you some research time.

·         UpWork – This is probably the most popular platform and for a good reason. Just make a profile, add a portfolio, and you are ready to go. You can apply for the jobs you like but employers can also contact you. Search for the job based on specific parameters like hours needed, experience level, project lengths, etc.


· – What is great about this platform is that if you have some free time you can search for urgent projects. There are two ways to find work: either post about your services or bid for jobs.


·         Fiverr – When it comes to diversity, this platform is probably the greatest. You can cash on probably any talent that comes to your mind. The principal for finding jobs is that you post the description of what you offer and the clients will get in touch.


Be clear about your priorities

Earning your own money gives you that amazing feeling of accomplishment and independence. But don’t forget your number one priority – your studies.

Don’t start neglecting your studies after the money start pilling. Learning and school obligations should always come first.

You need to be clear about how much time you can invest in freelancing. This means that you’ll need to know when to say no to certain freelancing projects.

Even if the job offer is tempting, you should still focus on preparing that important exam rather than working.

Build a portfolio

In most cases, you won’t have a chance to meet the client. This means that there won’t be a chance to charm them and convince them that you are the best choice.

That is why you need a strong portfolio to speak on your behalf.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any real experience. You can always create examples to show your employers what you can do.

Let’s say that you want to find a writing job. What you should do is to write a few articles on subjects that interest you. If you need some help to polish your writing, team up with online writing services such as You can even make use out of your old paper that you feel strongly about like your admission essay or scholarship essay.

Know your worth

As a beginner, you may think that charging the lowest fee is the best practice. However, that is not always the case.

From the very start, you need to be aware of how much your services are worth.

Before setting the price, ask around and find out what is usually the cost of that type of job. Then, take into consideration your experience, how much time it will take you, and the level of difficulty. That will help you to set a reasonable price.

Organize, organize, organize

If you want this to work, you’ll need lots of discipline and time management.

The best way to accomplish everything is to set a strict time frame for studying, classes, and work. You probably already know your classes schedule so take that into consideration and organize your time accordingly.

Leave a few hours a day for freelancing. Plan ahead and skip any jobs that might intervene with your finals.

Make sure that you leave some time for good night sleep. If you wear yourself out, you won’t have the strength to do anything.

Over to you

If you decide to work as a freelancer during your studies, know that you should take these tips seriously. Working as a freelancer will demand some extra energy and time and if you don’t know how to find balance, both your school and work will suffer.

Therefore, put your priorities straight, arm yourself with confidence, and let your freelancing journey begin. Good luck!



Adriana Veasey is currently working as a professional writer and editor at Study Ton. Even when she was a college student, her passion for writing shined through so she started freelancing. Working as a freelance writer during her college years helped her a lot in her job pursuit after graduation.