by Isobel Walster


As you get older, you will find yourself with more and more responsibilities and so many of these rely on your income for example, having children, getting married, or owning a home. Therefore, you have to start to learn how to grow your money rather than spend it. Once you are settled in your career you will have a good idea of the kind of income you are going to have for the next few years, so you can budget and start thinking about how much additional income you’re going to need in order to achieve your goals.

You can start by cutting back on what you spend but when it comes to earning more, if you’re not a risk taker, starting your own business, which some would say is the fastest route to money, may not appeal to you. Instead, why not try the must safer option of investing your money. Here, we run through some beginner investment ideas for you to try.


You may never have considered gambling as in investment, especially due to its negative reputation however, if you follow a few key rules you could end up making a nice additional income from it. The rules of probability state that if you play consistently enough you will eventually win. Aim for lower risk games with higher odds of winning for example, if you visit a casino, such as any of the top kiwi casinos, try your hand at Roulette or Black Jack. And there’s no harm in investing a little into things like lottery tickets and scratch cards just in case you do have a bit of luck.

Diversified Index Funds

Investing in the stock market is not a practice reserved only for wealthy experts, although you should leave the high-risk strategies to them. Instead, aim to invest in diversified index funds. These are low cost shares which are part of a larger index therefore, if some of the shares in the index depreciate, those which appreciate will cancel out your losses. They’re a pretty safe option when it comes to investment and by investing a small amount monthly you could see yourself making a steady income from it.


Pensions are so ingrained into normal working life that people don’t see what a potentially great investment they can be. Don’t pay the bare minimum into your pension fund every month, make the most of the fact that your employers have to increase their input as you do, and pay as much as you can afford to. You’ll really thank yourself when it comes to retirement and you can still afford to do all the things you love.


Knowing that you have invested some of your money in safe ways can give you great peace of mind when it comes to thinking about your future goals or any unexpected expenses that could occur. Growing up can mean taking a more serious approach to your finances but you’ll surprised by the feeling of security and success it brings you, much more so than throwing your money away would. For more financial advice, take a look at