The law of attraction, for those of you out of the loop, is a kind of new age thinking that centers around the power of positivity. That thinking, learning, and acting positively brings positive results. It’s not really a new philosophy, going back to Buddhist and Chinese spiritual beliefs. But it’s one that’s being applied in a lot of new ways. For instance, some are applying it to their money. But can they really see results by doing so?


Attracting the right people

If you want to get financially independent, then building a network is one of the simple best things you can do. To build a network, you need to go in with honest intentions and proactivity. For instance, if you want to fund a business, then meeting the people who can help you make the right contacts means having to have a real plan and an idea of why said business will work. Similarly, if you’re getting serious about investing, then bring some learning on the practice to the table. Share strategies and learn from the portfolios of people just as eager to learn new ways to get their wealth working for them. Operate in the right circles and you can learn a lot about building wealth.

In it to win it

Taking a grasp of chance is an important part of living a better lifestyle. There’s a difference

between a chance and a gamble, of course. There are some opportunities that are either free or so low cost that most people can afford to jump on them. For instance, instead of the lottery look more at high-value sweepstakes and giveaways like finding everything you need to know about HGTV sweepstakes here. Be willing to take a leap of faith, instead of letting your cynicism take over. You might win but even if you don’t, you’re showing some initiative in trying to change your luck. That initiative makes it a lot better to keep spotting opportunities.

The wealthy are wealth-minded

The people who accomplish the most are those who tend to be results-driven as opposed to method-driven. If you want to be in a financially healthier position, you need to start thinking like people who are already financially healthy. Develop the habits in your own mind instead of expecting them to come when you’re already successful. For instance, it’s not enough to take risks when you have enough that it no longer is a risk. If you’re not paying attention to the assets you already have at your disposal and using them to the benefit of your overall financial position, then you’re not going to be able to make the best use of the opportunities in your future, either. Basically, start thinking like a rich person and it’s a lot more possible to actually be one.

The simple fact is that, yes, putting in a positive effort and adopting a results-driven kind of thinking leads up to take more opportunities, to gain more allies, and to develop better habits. But it’s not enough to think positive, you have to be willing to put the time in and take a chance now and then, too.