by McKenzie Stalkenburg


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From the moment you leave the warm embrace of your parents home, you’re stuck in the big wide world, with real problems that you didn’t have to face before. Money is the biggest one for most people. It is so hard to maintain a good amount of money each month. There just seems to be so many setbacks, from things going wrong in the home, to five birthdays in one month that cripples your finances. So for many years, or often all of your years, it can feel as though you’re never going to find your feet financially. When starting a family comes into question things get even more expensive. But always stressing about money isn’t a good way of life to lead. It can cause so much stress for some people that it’ll lead to mental health problems such as depression and anxiety. We don’t want this happening to you, so we’ve got some excellent tips to help you find your financial feet. Have a read on to find out more.

Find Stability

Finding stability is something that not a lot of people have the fortune of doing. Instead they find themselves scraping every last penny together to support a family, pay bills, pay car insurance and the costs of running a car. At the end of it you’re left with very little for personal spending. For a lot of people that can affect them massively. Earning money to see it go down the drain without even a little treat can be so frustrating. So how you find stability you might ask? Well, the best thing you can do is figure out what’s hitting you from all angles. Let’s start with household bills. They’re manageable if you let them be, if you let them get out of hand and don’t plan for them, you’re going to have a nightmare on your hands. Firstly, use comparison websites to see if you’re with the best energy provider at the minute. So many of them are changing their policy lately that sees a percentage increase on how much you’re already paying. See if you can bag yourself a bargain by switching. Another area people struggle to find stability with is their job. Not all jobs provide the luxury of 9-5, and not everyone is lucky enough to bag a job that offers that. Working all hours can often be the cause of sending your money all over the shop would you believe it, especially if you’re working a different amount of hours per week. Try and find stability in the form of a nice 9-5 job, it could help your financial situation so much!

Tackle Setbacks

We all face setbacks at some point. A little bump in the road that can create massive problems in our lives. One of the more serious setbacks is being out of work for a while. It could be for any number of reasons, but one of the most common is a personal injury that leaves you off work for a while. Not only will you not be able to work, but it’ll be unlikely that you’ll be able to do things around the house due to your injury. The result of which can actually lead to depression. It might be nice not to have anything to do for a week, but after that boredom truly does set it. What you’re going to need the help of is a professional personal injury lawyer to help you through it. They’ll be able to get you the support both financially and mentally to get you to the light at the end of a tunnel. Other setbacks can be ones as severe as losing a job. So many companies seem to be going into administration at the minute that it can be hard to know whether your job is secure. This is where a savings fund is always going to come in handy. The more money you have aside, the more you have to fall back on if something like this does happen.

Tackle Debts

Debts have the ability to bring a person to the lowest point in their life. The feeling of no escape from the trouble you’re in can be terrifying, but you may find it comforting to know that millions and millions of other people are in the same situation that you are in, if not worse. But it still doesn’t get rid of that feeling of being trapped, so here’s how you can get out of debt quickly. Those of you who are slightly younger and reading this, stop agreeing to do so many things when you have debts to pay off! One of the main reasons why you’ll either stay at the same level of debt, or in fact make it worse, is due to the fact you’ll be agreeing to a meal out here, buying a nice top there. All of the money you’re spending on non essentials could be spent on the debts you need to pay off. So have a little restraint in this area and you should notice things get a little easier. Even if it means you’re being a hermit and never leaving the house for a while, it’ll be more than worth it when you’ve got absolutely everything paid off. If you’re slightly older, we understand that it is hard to manage debts when you might also be supporting a family. The best advice we can give here is to contact debt advisors to try and help you through. They’ll be able to give expert advice on how you can get through the difficult time you’re going through. You might also like to consider talking to a friend, partner, or even family member about your problems. Talking to someone you know can often be comforting, and they’re likely to be the ones that will be so supportive.

Hopefully now you will feel confident that you can find your financial feet. It is easy to lose your way in life with money, but remain focused and you’ll always end up where you’re meant to be.