By Brian McKay

Everyone knows that playing with stocks and shares is one of the best ways to make money in a consistent, reliable and continuous manner. But what is often less clear to entrepreneurs and the like is just how to go about getting started in this world. In a way, it is a little like gambling, and you need to make sure that you are going to approach it in such a way that the house doesn’t always win. It helps to know what you need to actually get started in the first place too, so that’s why we have put together this brief guide on three of the things you might need to get started in the world of stocks and shares. As long as you have these, you will find that it really does help you in the early days.

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Access To Charts

You need to be able to read the markets if you are going to trade successfully, so this is something you should aim to find out as soon as possible. As long as you have access to the charts, you can then spend your time poring over them and working out what the market is actually up to. But if you don’t have this basic resource, there is very little chance that you will be able to achieve the kind of riches you are looking for with stocks and shares. Whether you are looking for a specific pricing lie the current voo stock or you just want a general overview, you need to have access to these charts in order to do it - and to know what your next move should be.


Although it is perfectly possible to make a lot of money fast with stocks and shares, it is rare that you will become a millionaire overnight. Most people are surprised by how patient you need to be if you want to make real money in the world of stocks and shares. The truth is that if you are not patient you will not be able to see the kind of results you are hoping for. In many ways, patience just might be your single most important resource - so it is absolutely a good idea to make sure that you are rich in this before you try to get rich in other ways.


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Starting Sum

As with any investment in this world, you can’t really get anywhere if you don’t have a decent starting sum in the first place. You need to have some money upfront to use to start trading, and the more you can comfortably play with, the more chance you have of making big money. As ever, it is important to remember that you should only ever use the amount that you are comfortable with, and only an amount which you can afford losing. As long as you do it that way, you will always be safe - but you will be able to increase your likelihood of earning a lot of money too.

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