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It doesn’t really matter what industry you work in, or what type of business you run, or where you run it from; outsourcing has incredible amount of benefits that will help your business succeed. We now live in an age where outsourcing has become dominant across all sectors and, by reading on, you’ll find out why.


Employees tend to be expensive, and in more ways that you may expect. It is not just the monthly salary that you have to cough up, it is also the extra office space you need to house them, and the increased utility bills that accompany that. Then there is employer’s liability insurance and a hundred other forms of cover that you are required to maintain by law. That’s where outsourcing comes in. It could be you don’t need a full-time HR department, or IT support team or a ton of expensive designers. By outsourcing, you can hire an agency, or freelancer, to take on specific tasks as and when you need them. Easy.

Core Business

Quite simply put, outsourcing tasks will free up time that you can then use to concentrate on the core aspects of your business, things that no one else can do for you. But it isn’t just you that will benefit either. If you are outsourcing certain responsibilities, like those aforementioned, then you are handing over a huge chunk of responsibility too. This will allow your managers and staff to focus their energy on other things more aligned to their actual job spec.


You have no doubt hired exceptional staff brought in to do a specific job. However, most of the time, employees get pulled away from their main role to assist or take on other roles. A lot of the time, they won’t be the highest qualified. You may run a quarry with heavy machinery and, while your staff are competent in the general maintenance of the equipment and vehicles, no one is trained in hydraulics or how to fix a damaged cylinder.
That’s when outsourcing this task to an expert, which in this case would be to visit, thus saving you time, money, resource and further damage.


Outsourcing certain tasks to freelancers tends to be an efficient way of doing things. Unlike full-time staff, who are paid a salary come what may, freelancers operate on a task-by-task basis. This means that it is in their best interests to complete the work to a high stand and in a time manner, which will then allow them to be paid faster and move onto other work. This is a relationship that tends to work in everyone’s favour. Don’t pay a design team a monthly salary to develop a logo, when a freelancer will do it well and efficiently.


While the world has recovered from the 2007 crash, there is still a lot of uncertainty kicking about. Europe is still unsure of what will come from the Brexit result and we are too early on in Trump’s presidency to know how the markets will react. As such, outsourcing allows you to downsize should anything go wrong and upscale should the market boom. This is a luxury that isn’t easily afforded to those will a lot of employees.