by Alma Causey


A garage is the largest moving object in your house. On top of that, there are several times that a garage opens and closes. Naturally, the odds of damage crawl, calling for the need for a garage door repair.

According to ImproveNet, the average costs of garage door repair ranges between $163 to $221. The source outlines that the highest end of the cost stands at $545 maximum. On the flip side, you may only have to invest $52 as the minimum cost of fixing garage door problems.

The exact cost of garage door repair that you may be billed depends on the damage to your garage door. The greater the damage, the higher the repair cost. Let’s dive deeper into the cost of repair as per the damage.

Repair cost for wheel track obstruction

Your garage door may not open or close for multiple reasons. One of the common causes, however, is wheel track obstruction. This relates to hindrances in the wheel tracks that border the garage door and help it slide.

To this end, examine the obstruction in the wheel track manually and note if you can find any bends, dents, or other such potential damage. If so, you’ll have to call a professional. The same applies if you find your garage door hanging unevenly.

Tracks repairs often cost between $133 to $154 according to Home Advisor. Moreover, the cost of repairing uneven doors stands at around $125.

Garage door spring repair cost

Springs are critical for garage doors. These help in the opening and closing of the overhead door in the cases of both manual and mechanical garage doors. Spring systems come in two different types including a torsion spring system and an extension spring system.

In both cases, the springs are not part and parcel of the automatic garage door opener. Instead, the springs are part of the door itself. When the spring acts up, you need to replace it. The cost of a new spring is about $50 if you do the rest of the work yourself.

However, repairing the spring is not an option if you have limited knowledge of how to do it. For one, spring repair requires additional tools that you may or may not have, adding to the cost accordingly. Secondly, there’s a significant risk of injury if you are not a DIY expert.

In this context, the expenses of garage door spring repair can be up to $400 from a professional. The Spruce outlines that you can repair the springs for $50 to $75 if you are confident in your DIY skills since there is a risk of injury involved. Or, you can get the work done for $200 or $300 in a small time.

Repair expenses for a garage door that falls quickly

A garage door repair is also due if the door bounces around or falls more quickly than it previously did. It’s possible that broken cables or chain sit at the heart of the matter. The Cost of Garage Door Repair, in this case, is an average of $150-$200. The cables and chains are not very expensive, but the installation takes time.

Cost of garage door repair in other cases

According to Home Advisor, there could be several other reasons why your garage door needs repair. Some of these are:

1. Dents and dings: You can easily repair these yourself. However, if these are large enough that you need professional help, then you can expect the labor costs to be around $75 for an hour.

2. Hinge replacement: Hinges can be fixed for about $10 each.

3. Roller replacement: These can also be repaired at approximately the same price as hinges. Set apart a sum of $10-15 for the repair or each broken roller.

4. Broken glass: Glass is not very expensive. However, the labor cost for replacing the glass in the door is what takes all the money. So, $75 is the minimum for an hour of labor in this case. What’s more, the cost of the glass itself lies between $25 to $50.

5. Circuit board replacement: Reprogramming of the garage door remote or replacement of the circuit board takes approximately $100.

Note that it is best to attend to the repair problem immediately before it multiplies into a bigger problem. Costs for a garage door repair are mostly pocket-friendly. However, the expenses can sharply ante up if you need to replace the garage door itself. In fact, the costs add up to $725 - $1,435for the replacement or installation of the garage door.

Summing up

All in all, the average cost of garage door repair varies as per the problem with your garage door. The style of garage door, traditional one panel, sectional or carriage, can also leave an impact on the total costs. The material of the door also plays a similar role. Either way, expect the average prices to fall within $163 to $221.