Complete Guide For Construction Finance

There are basically two ways of financing construction. You can finance a construction through a borrowing which is known as a contraction loan and it is available to you for the duration of the construction. This loan is then followed by a permanent loan from a different lender who will pay off the previous construction loan you have on you. The borrower will have to decide if they want to take a loan or if they want the builder to do it for them.

You need to know what should you expect before you apply for a loan. You will have to remain patient and understand the entire process of looking for a builder and obtaining the loan. Not many are aware of the process of applying for the loan and end up getting confused when they are halfway into it. Here is a complete guide to financing your new construction through a loan.

Get the credit score in place

As with any type of loan, you need to get the credit score in order. A lender is going to consider the credit score and will only approve your loan application if you have a strong credit score. You need to begin with getting your hands on the credit report and check the score.

Gather your financial statements

Apart from getting the credit score sorted, you will have to ensure that you have the documentation of regular expenses and your financial history. This includes the total debt, annual income, 401k funds and assets. Different lenders require different documents and you need to be prepared with them. Quantum Finance Australia offer a range of services including a construction loan to help you finance the new construction you are embarking on.

Get a pre-approval

After you have the documents which illustrate the financial standing, you need to find out the amount of money you are eligible to borrow. You need to remember that the construction cost and the eventual mortgage that you will be required to pay. You need to consider the rolling construction loan in your mortgage payment with a construction to a permanent loan. A lot of companies are not happy to offer loans for completely new construction which is why you will need to look for local banks or credit unions who are happy to put money in your property.

Research the builders

You will have to look for the builders you can pay for. Consult the vendors, read reviews online and check out their past work. You need to get an insight about the construction cost and whether the builders will provide financing. You need to list down a few local builders with a good reputation of getting work done on time.

Find a builder and ask for a plan

You should choose a builder that gives you a blueprint. It should fall within the purview of your pre approved lending limits and it should be in a neighborhood you want. The builder should get the agent to draft a plan for construction which includes the complete details. You will need this information to get the loan and also include the offer, the work history of the builder, references and the insurance amount.

Make the loan application

You are now ready to apply for a construction loan with a reliable and trustworthy lender in the industry. The experts will ensure that the entire process is smooth and hassle free. You can seek the assistance of professionals who will help you with the documentation of the loan as well as guide you through the borrowing process. Compare the rates and choose the one that is best for your financial conditions.

Apply for mortgage

This stage will depend on who the construction loan lender you have chosen. There will be many lenders who will offer you to roll the construction loan in the eventual mortgage payment so that you are required to pay the cost of closing only once. It is also known as construction to permanent loan.

Draw and make interest payment

A construction loan will be paid out in regular monthly intervals to the builder depending on the work they have completed so far. Homebuyers pay interest based on the amount they withdraw every month. When the process ends, the larger payments will be required to be made by you.

Once you have made a complete application with the lender and submitted the documents, getting the loan is a quick and convenient process.