by Brian McKay


The ABCs of life have a very strong hold over some people. Just because something that your parents or grandparents did in their life, doesn’t mean is viable for you. You would think that the main goal in terms of work and life is to earn enough money to buy a home. Well, that is what many people think they should do or rather need to do. Buying a home is a huge purchase and probably the biggest you’ll ever make in your entire life. So it's an incredibly serious departure with your money. However, what if you don’t plan on buying a house and being perhaps the odd one out among your group of friends? Firstly, it's normal; at least nowadays. Many millennials don’t have a choice because the housing market is so expensive. But what about people who see no need to buy a house, what about those people? If you’d rather live in a smaller place, perhaps something that isn’t quite as big as a house or maybe just as large but not tied down to a piece of land, you have a lot to look forward to.

Don’t forget to look up

As you would expect, cities are growing and growing. There may come a point where the market around the city is just as expensive as living in the city. Millions of young professionals are flocking to the city life and work full time in the heart of most major cities around the world. So the property market has had to think of something new, something that will attract these affluent youngsters to their nest. The answer is luxury high rise apartments such as those offered by Meriton. You have a great view, something that people will cold hard cash for. You also have brilliant decor, with modern styling and everything coming with the apartment. The modern fittings and furniture is included meaning you don’t need to bring anything of your own with you. These apartments are so nice that if you don’t ever plan on buying a home, you won’t be crying about spilled milk.

The modern bachelor pad

Apartment blocks have had to reimagine what the modern interpretation of themselves could be. The image of grey, gloomy buildings with no style is the stereotypical picture we give them in our minds. However with modern apartment block design, tall isn’t just the only thing they have going for them. Governments have employed actual architects that design apartment blocks. Consequently what you have now are buildings that look contemporary, with different shapes and lines, using modern materials such as tempered glass instead of concrete. These apartments inside won’t all be the same size because of the shape but they are the new bachelor pad. Completely contemporary inside and with all the cutting edge designs in decor you would expect.

There is a minority of young professionals that don’t want a house. Rather than expend so much money and be tied down to the property, some are choosing modern variants of the apartment. The standard being achieved today in design and location is something that has never been done before.