By Jason M

In today’s competitive real estate market, it’s important to know how to attract buyers with the least amount of work, time and money invested as possible. The following six tips can help you make the sale…

Be informed about creative means of selling your property. Some investors buy homes for cash, eliminating the risk of the offer falling through due to mortgage lender denial. This is an ideal situation for those seeking to move forward quickly.

Know your target buyer – What would a potential buyer love about the property? If you’re selling a 3-bedroom, your buyer will probably have a family. Make sure if the yard is fenced, the fence is in good repair.

Keep pantry shelves mostly bare to play up storage space. High-end kitchen appliances appeal to busy moms, and a finished basement gives dad a space to hang out with the guys.

Stage like a pro – Home staging helps your potential buyer envision himself in the house. Remove personal items such as family photographs and collectibles. Leave a few tasteful art pieces on the walls and position furniture to maximize the space. Kitchen counters should be clutter free.

Photo courtesy of  Flickr

Photo courtesy of Flickr

In cool months, ignite the fireplace to accentuate the selling feature and set a warm and inviting tone. Clean every square inch, including closet floors and inside all cabinetry. A clean home shows best.

Use only quality listing images – Poor photographs ensure fewer potential buyers walking through your door. Invest in high resolution, good quality images of the exterior and interior of the house. Lighting, angles and camera quality impact the first impression your home makes to potential buyers.

With the number of buyers using the internet to search for a home, pictures are replacing in-person curb appeal as a first impression maker.

Hold a successful open house – If you’re using an agent to show your home for the open house, leave the property during the showing. Make sure pets are not present for a home showing. Even crated pets can distract buyers, and you want their focus on your property instead of your pet.

Use only a light scent for freshening the air; overpowering air fresheners can make potential buyers think you’re trying to mask a problem such as mildew or pet smells in carpets. Make sure the temperature of the home is comfortable for the showing.

Open curtains to let natural light fill the space, or if the showing is after dark, turn on lights in every room. Dark spaces often leave buyers with a negative feeling about the house.

Price correctly – Do some research regarding your home’s value, as well as the price for which similar properties in your area recently sold. A correctly priced home averages fewer days on the market, allowing you to make the sale sooner.

Put these tips to work for you to get your property sold. Knowing your options and executing a purposeful strategy shortens the wait, so you can move out and move on.