by Lina Martinez

No investments are dead. If you’re looking to invest your money, then there are so many different routes that you can go down in order to be successful. We will admit, some investments are easier to manage than others, and some are most definitely more popular than others. But it’s the less popular ones that we want to talk about today, to show you why they aren’t truly dead. If you’re investing in the places where so few are, then surely you have a bigger chance of making more money as well!! But as tempting as investments are, you also know how easy it can be to lose out on the money you worked so hard to invest in the first place. So after reading this article, make sure you go away and do some wider reading to ensure you know what’s going to work best for your company, and which tactics you feel better using!


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Bitcoin is one of those that people were on the fence about. Because if there was one investment option that had a lot of bad press, it was this one. So many people speculated that there was absolutely no money to be made from it, yet so many people were literally being made millionaires from it. Although now the hype has died down, and we believe that people are focusing on other areas, rather than focusing on the one that could still make them the most money. Which is why now is the perfect time for you to pounce. Bitcoin Koers is just one company that you could look at to see where the value of bitcoin is today, and why investing in it is still one of the best options. You can go to specialist who will help you to make the most money, of course for a fee, but if it is going to boost your business bank account, it’s most definitely going to be worth it.

Peer To Peer

Peer to peer, or business to business, is one of the lesser talked about investment options. You rarely hear of a business trying this, because if we’re honest, there is a lot at stake. It works as it sounds. You lend to an up and coming business and give them the funds they need to grow. When they reach a certain profit margin, you earn a percentage of that, with interest. So eventually your investment will be paid back to you with money on top, but it all depends on whether they become successful. You could invest your money into the wrong company, and before you know it your money goes down the drain. But still, this is a very good option if you go with the right company.

Stock Markets

Stock markets are a scary one because they’re just so hard to understand. It’s the fear that puts a business off, but let us tell you, this area most definitely isn’t dead. If you go with a good stock broker, you could make more money than in any of the other investment areas we’ve spoke about!