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Nobody should be without a family holiday. Preferably, we’d all be able to get away with our loved ones at least once a year. But sadly, that isn’t always the case. Holidays are costly and sometimes we’ll find that we can’t quite afford the trip we’d hoped for that year. There are plenty of cheaper alternatives to holidays. For example, fun family days out. But if you’re really set on getting out of the house, here are a few investments that can ensure you should be able to get away every year without fail.

A Camper

A campervan may sound like a costly pay out initially. But compared to other types of holidays, camping trips and road trips are much kinder on your wallet. So, why not invest in a reliable fifth wheel RV? These are much better for family use than standard, traditional camping. They are larger, more comfortable and have the basic amenities to house and feed your family during your stay. This means fewer costly trips out to restaurants or the cost of replacing tents and sleeping bags regularly. It will also function as your mode of travel. Talk about two birds with one stone. On top of this, campers can be locked and are much more secure than a flimsy tent. So you and your family can sleep in peace throughout your stay.


If you like to frequent the same place each year, but don’t have the money to rent or a buy a place of your own there, why not consider timeshare? This is when you share the costs of a property’s rent with another family. You can come to an agreement with them on when you’ll be staying at the property, so that there aren’t any clashes on your timetables. Then, there you have it. A property waiting for you to visit when it suits you. This will save you the cost of hotel rooms. It will also essentially be a home from home, so you will be able to cook your own meals and get really comfortable in your surroundings there.

Travel Out Of Season And Embrace Deals

When you’re browsing for holidays, use price comparison sites to find out the best deals available and the cheapest times to travel. Prices drop drastically out of season, but in many countries, the weather is still beautiful. This is easier if your kids are a little younger, as they don’t have to be in school yet and won’t miss out on valuable studies. As well as keeping an eye on holiday market price trends, look out for exclusive deals and packages. It is often cheaper to book your entire break through one agent. Some companies will offer free added extras if a large group is travelling. Others will offer free travel or accommodation for children if they have a paying adult accompanying them. This could save you a lot in the long run. There are also sometimes one-off promotions to introduce new partners into companies.