by Lina Martinez



If there is one job that is poorly perceived by the public, it has to be bankers. Those who work in the banking industry are regularly criticized for the type of work that they carry out by people from various walks of life. However, the work that bankers carry out is crucial as it helps to support the economy and markets as a whole, and can even help to make our finances and money even more valuable.

So, why all the unnecessary hatred? Well, bankers have never been really liked throughout most of history, and there are a few good reasons why that is. Read on to find out more!

Excessive Salaries

One of the main reasons people seem to despise bankers so much is their large salaries. Bankers don’t just have earn big salaries - they are exceptionally large when compared to many regular people's’ income. In fact, some bankers earn six-figure bonuses each year on top of their regular income. Many people question whether anyone needs to earn that much. Wouldn’t it be much better if, instead of accepting these huge sums of money, bankers ave back to society by donating some of it to charity or a social cause?

Tax Dodgers

Bankers don’t always do themselves any favors. In fact, over the past years quite a few have been found guilty of white collar crimes such as tax dodging. When these cases are brought to light, many of the public believe that it is unfair that people who are massive salaries should be allowed to get away with not paying taxes. Other white collar crimes that bankers have committed include fraud and embezzlement. So, there’s no wonder that so many of the public view them as criminals.



Crises Causers

If you ask many people who caused the world’s financial crash back in 2008, I’m sure that most will answer with the bankers. Many people think that they were the ones who gambled with everyone’s money until they all went bust. This is true, up to a point, but there are a whole lot of other factors that resulted in the financial world being brought to its knees ten years ago. However, people still haven’t really forgiven the bankers and their reputation for causing crises stays with them to this day.

Complicated Corporations

Another reason why some people might be wary of bankers is because they have established such complicated corporations for what appears to be a simple task. Do you really need to work in huge conglomerates in order to look after money? For many, the world of banking is a very confusing one indeed and this has quickly led to some misconception about bankers and their work. As a result, lots of people still question bankers and are daunted by them and their responsibility.

There are probably a lot more reasons why some people aren’t too keen on those who work in the banking world. What do you think, though? Do you have a distrust of bankers and the financial world?