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From major life purchases like cars and your home to little things like gadgets, you’ll spend a lot in your life. Spending on such things can take a chunk out of your funds, and it can get harder to manage your finances. But there’s a smart strategy to deal with it.

When you spend your money on something new, consider how you can make money back from it. Learn to see everything as an investment which can generate money back. There are many ways to do this- here are some great tips to help.


Your home will be the biggest investment of your life. It’ll give you a place to live, but you can often sell it for a profit after many years. Some people buy real estate purely as an investment. There are many ways to get more out of your property investments.

As you live in a property, you’ll likely make improvements over the years. Fixing up the house and upgrading the garden can make a big difference in the value. It also helps to get real estate in developing areas. Housing communities offer amenities and continuous development, making them a worthwhile investment.

You can also generate money from your property when you’re not using it. For instance, you may want a holiday home. You can use it for trips and rent it out to other people the rest of the time.


Smartphones are practically a necessity today. Today, phones are capable of a range of practical uses, stemming well beyond just calls and texts. Since your smartphone bill will likely cost you a lot from month to month, it’s worth getting some money back from it.

If you find yourself using apps and playing games on your smartphone, you might as well earn from it! There are many apps which pay you for using them. Some of these pay you for simple tasks like filling in surveys or clicking ads. Others require more effort but pay more.

There’s a lot of creative ways to use your smartphone for money. If you run a profitable blog, you could make it more active by making posts from your phone. You could also make Amazon or eBay listings and sell from anywhere.


Your car is another massive investment. It’s important to look after your vehicle to ensure you get a good sale price when you plan to upgrade. But in the meantime, you may want to earn a little extra money from it.

Popular apps like Uber and Lyft let you give people rides for money in your free time. There are also other ways to get paid to drive. Some companies pay you for displaying advertisements on your car. You could also rent your car out through reliable services. All of this can help you make money back on your vehicle.

Get Money Back From Spending

It’s smart to cut down on spending to save money. But there are some things you need to buy. Weekly necessities like food and home supplies can add up. With Christmas coming up, you’ll also need to get some gifts.

But you can make money back on the things you buy. Whenever you plan to make a purchase, use cashback websites. Some will give you money off the things you buy. Others pay you a percentage of your purchase back. It’s an excellent way to make money back when you need to spend.