We’ve all been in this situation before, right? Money is tight, and yet you still have bills that need to be paid. So what can you do? Well, you need to avoid panicking for a start. This is a list of some of the best ways you can meet the requirements of the bills that need paying, and not strain yourself financially in the process.

Cut Costs

The first and most obvious course of action to take is to try to cut the cost of your bills in advance. So, how do you cut the costs of your appliances, so you end up being billed less? Well, using them less is a good way of achieving that. This means in the winter you need to wrap up before turning the heating on. Turn all the power off before you go to bed at night, and make sure you everything is in full working order. Also consider switching to more energy-efficient alternatives, such as eco-lighting, etc. These effective cost-cutting methods are vital for helping you save money and be able to afford energy bills even when money is tight.


Get Your Exact Reading

Want to know a secret? The amount you get on your energy bill may not actually be the amount you owe. See, what energy companies do is they bill you with an estimate each quarter, based on previous activity. So, you could actually have to pay less than you are being billed for. You will need to phone your energy provider and give them your exact reading, and then they will send you a bill for the actual amount you need to pay. This is a good way of saving some money, and it means you will be able to delay the payment deadline of the bill by a week or so as well. This is something that many people aren't aware of, and so they just pay the amount they are billed without questioning it. If you can get the exact reading, you may be surprised by how much you can save.

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Payment Plan

You may find that when a bill comes to you, it is more than you expect it to be. This could be the case even after you attain the accurate reading as well. Sometimes you have an expensive month or so, and you won't be able to shell out on paying the whole thing upfront. Many energy suppliers will be prepared to offer a repayment plan to suit your financial circumstances. This can prove invaluable because it helps you to repay the bill but doesn’t cripple you financially as a result. A lot of companies will be happy to discuss a repayment plan with you, just make sure you ask them about it right away.


Take Out a Loan

Sometimes it doesn't matter how well you organize your money; there will still be surprises. You may receive an unexpected bill for something. Or, you could find that your bills might be higher at certain times of the year, for instance, in winter. It’s in situations like this that you need to consider the benefits of payday loans. These can be useful for getting you out of financial difficulties and ensuring you don't default on important payments. If you are struggling to meet the price of your bills then taking out a loan is a good way of solving this problem. And you can take out payday loans these days with attractive repayment options to suit your needs. So this is certainly an option you need to consider.


Start an Online Business

Believe it or not, starting an online business isn’t hard. You can sell clothes bought on clearance on Ebay, have product on Etsy or even have a drop shipped business model. One option is to have an online jewelry business.

Explore your options. Even something like this blog might be one of them.

Get a Better Deal

Another beneficial course of action to take regarding household bills is to try to get a better deal. Now, this is an ongoing thing that you will need to look into as much as you possibly can. Many utility companies will offer rather different rates, and it could well depend on whether you’re a new customer. Statistics show us that more than 6 million people in the UK switched energy suppliers last year. This often happens because you can get a better deal by switching to a new supplier every year. Most companies do all they can to attract new customers over retaining existing ones, and you can take advantage of that. However, you may also find that your existing supplier might be able to provide you with a better deal as you’ve been with them for a while.

Improving Job Income

It might seem easy to sit here and say you need to make more money. But that is the simplest solution to deal with money being tight. It’s not quite as straightforward as that for a lot of people, though. But, if this is an area you want to explore then you need to go down the route of working overtime, or seeking that promotion. If you want to get more extreme, you might consider getting a new job. Then there is the option of taking on secondary jobs on the side. If you have the time and inclination to do this, it’s a great way of earning extra money for a while. You can also utilize the internet and look at things like surveys or writing jobs online.

Cash flow is a problem for many Brits, so don't think you’re alone if you are struggling to make ends meet. These days, more often than not, it seems like there isn't enough cash to go around everything you need. Sometimes you may find that money is tight, but there are also bills that need to be paid. These have to be a priority for you, so you have to understand what you can do to make sure you get them paid.