by Brian McKay



It’s nice to have money beyond making ends meet. When our pocketbook feels a little fatter, we can all feel a sense of relief. However, as the extra money flows in, we have to start making choices as to what to do with that money. In a way, the pressure shifts from not having enough to not necessarily knowing what to do with more. The question is usually answered in a couple of ways: future planning or immediate satisfaction. Future planning can be things like investing in a retirement account, while immediate satisfaction might be scratching an itch that has been bothering you for a while. Here are some examples that might not fall into conventional thoughts.

Planning For College

An obvious future plan is to create a savings account to fund your children’s’ college. Tuition is often expensive and can be shocking if you aren’t prepared. An unconventional investment that could have an eye towards college is to invest in things like, where you receive high quality musical education. This can pay off in the future in the form of a scholarship. It is a bet, but usually, one that can pay off in varying degrees.  

Satisfy And Save

It might not seem practical to some to buy a Bezzera coffee machine for sale, but it is that luxury that can pay for itself. If you are paying five bucks for a cup of coffee daily, it doesn’t take long to pay off even a high-end coffee machine that can produce cafe quality cups in no time, just the way you like it. And you know it’s how you like it because you made it.


Sometimes hobbies can require expensive equipment, but sometimes those hobbies pay us back. Modern photographers are using hi-tech drones like,, to increase the quality and versatility of their work. With drones, photographers can film from incredible heights, with motion and motion stability. This method of photography is so cutting edge that creative photographers can capitalize on their equipment and make their hobby pay off.

We all must make choices with our money, but some choices can pay for themselves. This is a great way to satisfy our current desires, while not abandoning the future financial realities. The key is understanding how each endeavor can pay you back, be it directly or indirectly. Along the way, we might enjoy a cup of well-made coffee as the joyful music of our children plays in the background.