by Lina Martinez


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Need access to some extra funds? A loan needn’t be the only solution. Here are just 7 alternatives to a loan that won’t have you paying out extra money in interest fees.

Sell your clutter

Selling unwanted possessions can be a great to make some extra money fast. Sites like Gumtree are great for flogging your belongings. If you need cash faster, you may be able to find a second-hand shop in your area that you can take these items down to – you may get less than selling independently so bear this in mind.

Make a legal claim

When it comes to fixing car damage or paying for treatment for an injury that wasn’t your fault, there’s always the option of a legal claim. You’ll find many lawyers dealing in specific case such as that can help you gain compensation. Legal claims usually take a while to settle, so if you need emergency cash this isn’t the option for you.

Look into charity grants

In certain circumstances where you may have been the victim of a tragedy or happen to be in serious financial struggles, there could be the option of a charity grant out there. You’ll find grants out there to pay for fertility treatment, funerals, natural disaster recovery and critical illness treatment. Sites such as are a good example of places to get charity funding.

Consider an equity release

If you’ve owned a property for a few years, it’s possible that your property may have risen in value. It’s possible to access the added value that your property has gained through a method known as an equity release. This could give you access to thousands which could be use to fund retirement, travel, medical bills or all manner of other expenses. Technically an equity release is a loan as it has to be paid back at a later stage, either when you sell up or when you die. As a result, it’s most common among older people that have no plans of moving home.

Access your 401k

Depending on your age and how much you’ve accrued, it may be possible to access your retirement fund early. This could give you access to a lot of money to fund all kinds of things that you may need. Of course, accessing your 401k early does mean that you’ll have less money to live on when you do reach retirement, so be careful how much you take out.

Start a fundraiser

There may be expenses such as starting a business or affording medical treatment in which you can start a fundraiser to build the required money. For people to invest in you, you’ll need to be raising money for a good cause – it’s unlikely anyone’s going to give you money for a personal luxury. You can raise funds through social media or through a site such as  

Save up

For non-emergency funding, there’s always the option of saving up the funds out of your own pocket. This does take patience and diligence, but it’s by far the most rewarding form of funding. By putting your money in a high interest account you can help to accumulate funds faster.