By Lina Martinez

It can happen to us all. We can be stuck in a sticky situation where we need a little more money but just haven't got any to hand. It could be for a birthday that we have forgotten about, our homes or even our businesses. These things don't come cheap, and if you are already great at budgeting, it can be hard to find any gaps to squeeze some more money out of. But where there is a will there's a way. Read on to find out more.



Collect your Debts



While you are worry about having enough money for the thing that you need are you letting everyone else get away scot free? Are there people out there that owe you money and you are suffering because they haven't paid their debts?



If this is the case, then you may be being too nice. Ask them for the money back. Yes, it can be awkward but if you explain what you need t for most people will understand.



Items of values



Another quick and easy way of raising a little extra for something or someone special is to take stock of the items that you already have. Do you have anything that you know is worth a fair bit and that could bear to be parted from? If so then contact companies like Luxury Buyers. They specialise in buying high-end goods, which will allow you to release a bit of capital for your purpose.







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You can also sell items of value at your local auction house or on an internet auction site. Remember though that they will take fee once the item has sold.  So you need to make sure that you put a reserve on what you are selling if you have a definite figure in mind.



Speak To The Bank



Depending on what you are wanting, it might be prudent to talk to your bank about securing a loan. Or you could ask to extend your overdraft to raise a little extra cash.









If you choose to go down the loan route, you need to be aware that interest will be charged on this. That is the fee that the bank's charges you to borrow money off of them. It works on a percentage which means the longer you have the loan for the more you pay. But be careful because some lenders also impose a fee if you pay it off early too.



If you go the overdraft route, you will have to pay interest on this as well, so it's worth comparing which one is higher for the same amount borrowed. However, if you are a student is it sometimes possible to get an interest free overdraft, which can save you a lot of money in the long run.



Business Loan



If you are borrowing money to expand you business, then you may be eligible for a small business or start-up loan. These can often have a much more favourable rate of interest so they won't cost you so much in the long run.