By Sharon Jones

We all want to make a little more money sometimes. However, most of us don’t want to put in too much effort to do it. That means not getting a second job, selling your car, or doing anything like that. There are some really quick and fun ways you can make money. Want to know what they are? Read on…


Do A Carboot or Garage Sale


Collect all of the things you no longer use or want. Now see when the nearest carboot sale in your area is, or set up your own garage sale. You might not get a fortune for your stuff, but it’s cold hard cash in your pocket right away. If you display it properly, you might be surprised at how much you actually make.


Make Something


Why not make something cool? Plenty of people make money from decorating phone cases and shoes. People make money from making jewelry. Think of something you’re interested in and want to try, then get creating. You might not become a millionaire, but it could be a good way to make some money. You don’t need to make something totally unique and innovative to make a little cash.


Offer Something You’re Good At


Are you fluent in another language? Maybe your spelling is out of this world? Offer something you’re good at to people. It’s so easy to do this online. You can offer just about any service, from proofreading and editing to fashion advice. You may only make pocket change, but it all adds up.





Make A Bet


If you’re certain a team is going to win their game, making a bet could be a good idea. However, make sure you bet sensibly. You could even use an app, so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home. Make sure it’s legitimate first though. Read a review of the Sportsbet app & Sportsbet Tipping to get an idea of what you should do.


Write An E-book


If you’re knowledgeable on a certain subject and love writing, why not write an e-book? It’s so easy to self publish. You never know, you might make it to the best seller’s list!


Sell Your Hair


If you’ve been thinking about having a short new do for a while, you could make some money selling your hair. Wig and extension makers are dying for long hair, and you’ll find many advertisements online. Have a fun new hair cut and sell your hair while you’re at it!


Review New Music


If you’re a music lover, reviewing new music could be your thing. There are platforms online that allow you to listen to new music and then give your verdict. The more detailed you are and the more you do it, the more you’ll get paid!


These ideas are far less risky than some other ideas you’ll find. Try them and see how you can make some extra money. If you have any ideas of your own you want to share, leave a comment!