How businesses approach offices is changing. Some want more mobility; others are merely concerned about the growing costs of commercial real estate. There are a lot of business owners out there who don’t seem to consider the alternatives, however. Here are some of the most effective alternatives to traditional offices out there.

Remote work arrangements

Some business owners spend so much time considering what office they should get that they don’t stop to think about whether they really need office space at all! The fact is that so many new businesses these days can start developing themselves without a shared environment such as a traditional office. It’s easier than ever to arrange a business and get your work done from home, and having employees do the same thing via teleworking can save you a lot of money. If you have an extra room in the house you can turn it into your office. Put up some shelves and you can even make your own desk to work on. Try to create a professional environment. Look into some office decor ideas. It’s understandable that you may want to advance to a real office at some point, but remote working could be a good way to start. 


Co-working spaces

These are open offices that can be accessed by you and your employees for a small fee, though it often takes the form of a monthly membership. They’re famously great for freelance workers and startups, though they do have a few limitations. The most obvious is that fact that you’ll have people from other businesses on-site. You may find that this doesn’t affect your business at all. Others may find it disruptive.


Office trailers

Perhaps the least conventional workspace method on this list, it’s definitely one you should dismiss. As businesses start with increasingly smaller amounts of capital and place more and more of a focus on mobility, hiring a trailer that’s kitted out as an office is becoming more popular by the day! This has the benefit of cutting costs while keeping the affairs of your business more private than you might find in co-working spaces. You can either rent these things or even look into office trailers for sale.


Small business incubators

So you want your own office. Something with wheels isn’t going to cut it, and you don’t particularly like the idea of other businesses being in the immediate vicinity. There is a potential solution for you in small business incubators. Found in many cities around the world, these generally see you signing up for a program that includes a small working space, mentorship, and discounted rents. They can be lifesavers for small businesses who are starting to grow. Some business owners may find that the arrangement is a little restrictive, however.


Executive office suites

Right off the bat, these sound pretty expensive. And they definitely have the potential to be the most expensive solution we’ve listed here, though they still work out cheaper than renting an entire office properly! They don’t come with the formal programs that often come with incubators, though admin support, utilities, and tech assistance are often offered. The problem for most businesses who want to look into this solution is that they’re not quite as ubiquitous as the other options! You should see if there are any in your area, as they can really give a startup an essential boost.