by Sharon Jones



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The short answer is: yes. Humans are complex. We’re all individuals, despite our many similarities to one another. That’s why it feels so impossible to put yourself in a box when it comes to choosing a career. How do you know if it’ll be the perfect job role for you? You might be just as academic as others who have pursued careers in a certain industry but you just don’t feel passionate about such a job role.

There are so many different factors to consider when choosing the right career for you. Academic or non-academic preferences, character traits, and even beliefs. It’s not just about the subject in which you excelled at school. It’s about what you really want to do with your life. But how do you put all of these things into a box? Well, whilst you’re always going to be an individual, here’s a look at a few different personality types and the types of careers that usually suit them. Perhaps something will resonate with you.

The carer.

If you’re a caring person and you’ve always felt that this was your strongest trait then you’re in luck because there are numerous careers that involve helping people. Obviously, the main line of work that comes to mind is healthcare. The medical field is a vast and varied one. Training to be a doctor is a worthy profession but there are other options in hospitals and medical environments if you think that’d be the wrong path for you. You could consider nursing, for example. And physical assistance isn’t the only type of healthcare you could provide. You could care for people with mental issues if you’d rather be that kind of nurse. There are so many different ways to build a health-based career out of your desire to care for others.

But you shouldn’t feel disheartened if you’re not particularly inspired by the idea of working in a professional care environment. There are many other ways to care for people. Perhaps you could take a different route and consider a career as a teacher. Whatever your academic background, there’s most likely a subject you can teach (with some training and qualifications). Most importantly, this job involves helping children learn and grow so that they can have good futures. It’s one of the most caring careers out there. And there are so many options in terms of educational institutions, age ranges to be taught, teaching positions, experience levels, and so on. This is really a great career if you want a job to suit your specific academic preferences and your desire to help people. Becoming a doctor isn’t the only way to care for others.

The counselor.

Bla. But counseling isn’t the only profession out there for somebody with a counselor’s mentality, believe it or not. There are many different ways in which you can offer people advice and help to resolve conflicts. In fact, nearly every company only the planet has a department that deals with this area of business: human resources. You could even check out online MBA HR programs if you wanted to get a qualification in human resource management and put yourself in a better position for getting a good job in this area. There are so many different ways to put your desire to counsel and advice others to good use.

The socialite.

There are so many jobs for people with social skills. In fact, this is probably one of the best skills you could possibly have in the working world. When it comes to business, it’s about who you know more than what you know. But this is only the beginning of how you can use your socialite talents to pursue the career of your dreams. A career in recruitment, for example, could be perfect for you. It’s a growing industry and the entire job involves dealing directly with people to help them find their dream jobs.

More of a traditional and straightforward career for people with social skills is sales. There’s no better way to deal directly with people and use your ability to build relationships than to pitch and sell products. Consumers want to talk to a real human being if they’re going to be persuaded to buy something. If you’re a smooth talker then this could be the career you’ve always been looking for. Perhaps it’s not a career you’d previously considered but that’s been the entire point of this article; there are more careers that suit your skills and preferences than you might realize.