by Nigel Hilton



Going for a job interview is one of the most nerve wracking parts of your adult life, and you will likely spend the next couple of days afterwards twiddling your thumbs and waiting by the phone for an answer. When you are rejected from a job, it can be hard. All of the work you put into your application and the interview is wasted and you are left wondering what you did wrong, but there are ways to deal with rejection and get back on your feet again in no time.

1. It’s ok to feel deflated

As humans, we inherently focus on the bad parts of any experience or any day. It is something that most of us will do and it is something which can make life stressful for us too. We overthink things and wonder what went wrong, when really we should be focussing on the experience and ways to improve in the future. It’s ok that you will feel deflated after a rejection. It is part of life and it is totally normal. Give yourself the time to come to terms with the rejection and then snap yourself out of it and be productive again.

2. Know that you aren’t the only one

Applying for a job is a competitive business. When you are rejected for a job, you need to remember that this is part of the process and that there are other people like you who have also been rejected from their jobs. Don’t let it get to you, because you are not the only one who is feeling like this.

3. Stop Over Analyzing

Before you start to visit sites like in search of an employment lawyer to answer your questions, just stop and think about it properly. There is no point in over analyzing the situation because the deed has been done and you clearly were not meant for the job. Just clear it from your mind, realise it is another experience to add to your repertoire and move on with your search. If it was meant to be, you’d have got it.

4. Build your self esteem

When you are looking for jobs and have been rejected a few times, it can be very easy for you to fall into a spiral of feeling unworthy and like you’ve failed. However you need to remember that just because you have had a few tough breaks doesn’t mean you are a failure inherently. You have a lot of skill and passion to offer the world, you just might be looking in the wrong place to find your perfect role. You can find your calling here:

There are plenty of jobs out there in the world, try widening your reach and applying for a few different types of things. Trust in your own skill and passion that you will be able to do anything in life, and this mentality will help you to stay positive and happy in your life. Be confident and trust in your own success.