by Lina Martinez

The one thing that none of us seem good at is planning money, or even knowing how to get it in the first place. When we do get money, we definitely struggle with how to handle it. It is easy enough to get carried away when we get the slightest bit of it. You’ll see something in the shop and before you know it you’ve got a bag full of things. But there’s so much more to life than binge shopping, wasting money, and struggling to get by until the next payday. All you need to have is some self control and knowledge of what is best to do with your money and you’re on your way to success. Once you do get a bit of money behind you there’s plenty of things you can do to grow on it. We’re here to show you how to get money in the first place, keep the money you’ve got, and build on it for a better future. Read on to find out more.


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How To Get It

To first get to the point where you can think about what you’d like to do with your money, you need to get enough of it first. It isn’t just overspending that puts people in a position where they are short for cash some months. The way the economy is now, and the rising costs of living, it just simply means people come up short each month. This is no way to live life, so you need to look for ways in which you can get more money in the first place. The first is by looking o the source of your issues, work. You might work a million hours a week but still not feel as though you’re getting a penny back. Whilst they might think they’re paying you a decent wage, this isn’t the case most of the time. By the time the money pot gets to the workers there’s hardly anything being shared out. People are being overworked and underpaid more than they ever have done for a long time. But unless your boss is nice enough to give you a payrise, you’re not getting out of this one. The only thing you can do is look for a new job. It might be a little stressful, and the worry of leaving a job they know is secure is too much for some people. But it all pays off in the end. All you have to do is take a leap of faith and go on the hunt for more money. We guarantee most of you reading this are in a job that you just don’t find satisfying, or doesn’t interest you in any way. Take the opportunity of trying to find more money as one to find a career you actually love. If you’re not prepared to leave your main job then you could find a little side hustle to start up. Plenty of people work two jobs without actually having to leave the house for one of them. Take blogging as an excellent example. It isn’t hard to set up, it isn’t expensive to set up, all you need to know is what you’re doing. There’s plenty of guides on the internet ready to help you with this. Once you get your following up you’ll be away in no time. Either reach out to different companies, or wait for them to come to you. Set your prices and make sure you’re not getting yourself ripped off by any companies. Some try to pay you pennies whereas other bloggers would set a price and earn a fortune.

How To Keep It

Once you’ve got your money, you need to seriously start thinking about the ways that you can keep it. The first thing you can do is start being stricter with yourself. As we have said it is easy to get carried away with the money you’ve got when you first get it. But this is the habit you need to break yourself out of. The more you spread your money, the better off you’re going to be. Do a money plan at the start of every month and stick to it. Outline absolutely everything that you’re going to spend, even the little things such as a treat you might want for yourself. There are even apps and websites that help you to do it if writing one out is too hard. You can even put it into savings bonds to try and make sure you aren’t tempted to keep spending. If you can, get a savings account where you can only take money out a certain amount of times a year. This restriction will really help you actually stick to savings.

What To Do With It

When you get to the part in life where you’re comfortable with money is when you can start thinking about what you can do to build on it. One thing you might not have considered before is CD returns. It is a really low risk investment option that is good for everyone. It is just like a normal savings account, except the interest rate you’ll receive is higher, so in the long run you’re going to get more money out of it than you would with a normal bank account. If you’re looking for something with a bit more excitement then investing into other areas might interest you. If you wanted to go into something like property you might need a little more time and money. But something like shares and stocks will appeal to you. You do need some knowledge with regards to how and what to invest into, but there are plenty of helpful guides on the internet.

So, after reading this you should be a little more confident with how to handle your money. Money is, and always will be, the most important part of your life. You should always be looking for ways that you can improve your situation with it.