When your home or car is damaged, the main priority you have is to get some kind of financial compensation. Most of the time, it isn’t to enact some kind of toll on the guilty party but rather to just get the thing they broke, fixed. It could be due to something on their property damaging your property because of their carelessness. A tree in their back garden could fall on your roof, causing major damage to not just the structural integrity of your house but also water pipes and insulation. You can’t really continue on with your life until something like this is fixed, so speed of the case you put forth is of the utmost importance. It can be a real blow to your patience when the accused party isn’t playing ball even though you both know they are in the wrong. They might be trying to avoid you by not answering calls from you specifically. They could simply be ripping up your letters of notification that they must appear in court on a certain date. Regardless of what they are doing, you need to keep moving ahead with your lawsuit unimpeded.

Make it plain and simple

It's common for parties that are being sued to simply just keep ignoring you in the hopes that, you will eventually get tired and move on. Believe it or not, many parties that have incurred undue damage will actually think that cutting their losses is better than chasing the guilty party. Many just want to move on with their lives and stop having to always deal with a stranger that they feel they cannot make pay for the damage they have causes. You need to firstly make it plain and simple of what is going to happen. Record yourself writing a letter of intent, that outlines your legal position and actions and yourself putting it through their home letterbox. You can also record yourself leaving a voicemail message of the same thing. This way you have absolute proof that you have been trying to notify the other party of your legal actions.

Signed, sealed and delivered

When you have court documents to give to the other party, such as a notification of court dates and required appearances, you may encounter the most resistance. The situation has come to the point of no return, the offending party has now been ordered by a court to appear in person at a time and date, for legal proceedings to finally begin. This is when people suddenly vanish off the face of the earth because once they start they know they will be in contempt of court for not showing up and could face jail time for missing their due date. Use Private Investigators to find out where they are and what they are doing. Some people might conveniently believe it's time for a holiday and leave the country or travel far away, so a private investigator is sometimes the only way to find them.

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Never let the guilty party stop you from going ahead with legal proceedings to get compensation to the damage they caused to your private property. Don’t fall for the waiting game, and hire someone to stay hot on their heels.