Glass Animals are an English Indie Rock group who released their debut studio album, Zaba, on Wolf Tone records – English producer Paul Epworth’s record label in June 2014. After a front to back listening session of the record, it becomes immediately apparent why it’s been dubbed as PsychedelicIndie Rock.

This album breaks new ground as hip hop beats are blended with trance-like bass lines. I am able to hear subtle influences of 90’s R&B from groups like BoyzIIMen and Hi Five in the vocal chorus melodies. There is an interesting blend of tribal style drum licks that are conveyed with several different types of exotic drum sounds – and by exotic, I mean the sounds that you might hear on a synth that makes you say “where the hell would I ever be able to use that sound?”

These guys have come into their own with very cool, smooth melodies that keep me coming back for more. Thus, digging into the deluxe version of Zaba. This gave me a whole new perspective on a few of my top ranked songs on the album: Black Mambo, Gooey and Hazey. There are “stripped” versions of these songs, or typical 4 piece arrangements with acoustic drum, base, guitar and keys. It’s very cool to hear that they’ve got the ability to throw on the guitar and lay it down in a live setting, as opposed to the synth heavy versions of these songs that were released on Zaba.

While I like both equally, I must say that the produced versions of these songs stand out in my most because there is a particular cleanliness about them. The glassy (no pun intended) sounds of these songs in their full production is incredible.

I rate this album at 4 out of 5 stars. It has been one of my go-to listening pleasures lately and I suggest that you check it out as soon as humanly possible.

gRant is Zenruption's music genius as a prior member of Fly2Void and just an all around kick-ass guy. If he likes it, we are buying it.