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Finding the right lawyer with the right skills and competencies is always a challenge. You have to be fully informed if you’re going to approach the right lawyer. And you will also need to know what a lawyer has to do in order for you to judge their abilities. So, getting informed should always be your first step before you go any further. In life, none of us wants to have to hire a lawyer, but sometimes we don’t have a choice.


Types of Lawyer



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Employment Lawyer


Most of us do work and have rights in the workplace. When these rights are ignored, it’s common for a tribunal to happen if the employee wants justice. Employment lawyers can off the support that you need when you are trying to get justice for what happened to you. They can also be hired by business owners who want to make sure that they are complying with employment laws. This is important for businesses because they don’t want to have legal action taken against them.


Personal Injury Lawyer


Personal injury lawyers help people to get compensation when they get hurt. There are all kinds of instances in which people get hurt. It can happen in the workplace, in a public space or in a hospital. Many people pursue a personal injury claim after being involved in a car crash that wasn’t their fault. For more information on this, this article called ‘Can Crash Injury Lawyers Help Me If I Was A Passenger’ might help.


Family Lawyer


Family problems can arise out of the blue. And once a divorce gets underway, things can get messy and stressful. Many people make the mistake of thinking that lawyers make the process more complicated. But that’s simply not the case. When lawyers are involved, they can take on all the difficult work. They can do the things that you don’t want to deal with by yourself. Having someone there to take this pressure off your shoulders can make the process much easier for you.


Real Estate Lawyer


We all know what a hassle moving house can be. That’s why you need the right expert assistance to help you during each stage of the process. There are aspects of the house-buying process that concern legal issues. The transfer of a property from one person to another has to be done legally. It’s a very complex process, and that’s why it has to be carried out by a lawyer who really knows what they’re doing. That’s what real estate lawyers can offer you.


Criminal Defence Lawyer


Most people never get charged with a crime. But you don’t have to be a criminal to find yourself in this situation. Every year, innocent people are dragged through the courts. The task is to prove your innocence and beat the charges against you. With a good criminal defence lawyer by your side, that’s possible. But if you don’t have the right lawyer alongside you, your chances of successfully pleading your innocence will drop. So, you need to hire one with the background, track record and skills to get the right outcome.



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Civil Litigation Lawyer


If you get sued in a non-criminal court case, you will need a civil litigation lawyer. Civil cases are not criminal, so don’t make the mistake of trying to hire a criminal defence lawyer. Their focus and area of expertise will be completely different to a civil litigation lawyer. There are so many different types of civil cases that can hit you. Included in this category are business law, copyright litigation and many other types of lawsuit. Only a specialist civil litigation lawyer will understand civil law to the degree that will be required.


Estate Planning Lawyer


No one really wants to think about things that could go wrong in life. But any of us could pass away at any time. And it’s the ones that are left behind that suffer the most if this happens. If the estate is not in order or you don’t have a will, then this simply piles on the misery. That’s not what you want to happen. If you do want to plan what will happen with your money and assets when you’re no longer here, you’ll need the help of an estate planning lawyer. On the other hand, if someone in your family dies without writing a will, you’ll also have to hire one of these lawyers.


Key Competences to Look For




Every lawyer is going to need the right qualifications. It’s vital that you check this before you hire them. You might just take this for granted, but that’s not a very good idea. Yes, most practising lawyers will have the right qualifications, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check to make sure. Any decent lawyer won’t mind showing you their certificates and qualifications to reassure you. If they have a problem with showing you this documentation, then this should immediately start to make you suspicious. It could be a sign that something is not as it should be.




How attentive is the lawyer you’re thinking of hiring? This is one of those issues that’s much more important than many people know. Many lawyers have lots of clients and cases on their plate. So, will they have time to offer your case the attention it deserves? When you’re paying someone to look after a legal matter, it’s vital that they have time to deal with it properly. If they don’t, your case could just become another one on the pile. And that often means that they don’t pay enough attention to your case.



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The last thing you want is for your lawyer to be bad at communicating with you. When that happens, the whole task of tackling a legal issue becomes so much harder for you. For a case to be successful, it requires the client and the lawyer to be open and clear with one another. And that can only happen when the lawyer has strong communication skills and the ability to offer clarity. There is often a lot of complicated ideas and messages that have to be conveyed by lawyers. Therefore, being able to communicate properly is key.


Analytical and Research Skills


When a lawyer has to deal with a legal case, they need to use their analytical skills. Being able to handle large amounts of data and information is a huge part of the job. It can be overwhelming when you’re handed huge files of detailed information. But it’s the job of your lawyer to take care of that kind of work. They need to be able to research things quickly and accurately as well. There is a lot of background research and digging that has to be done in most types of law. So, make sure your lawyer has these skills.


The Hiring Process


There are a few things that you should do before you actually hire a lawyer. These things are important because you don’t want to make any mistakes that will cost you in the future. So, to begin with, meet with the lawyer and ask to learn more about their past experience in law. You should never hire a lawyer until you understand their track record in court. They should be able to give you tangible examples of what they have achieved. Ideally, these experiences should relate to the kind of case that you want them to deal with. Obtaining personal references can be a good idea too. When you do eventually hire a lawyer, keep all the paperwork in order because you might need to refer to it in the future.



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