by Lina Martinez

Environmental issues are a huge topic these days - we’ve abused our planet and resources for so long that things have gotten out of hand. We have to all make changes, whether an individual or a business, in order to make changes and give future generations a chance. 

Below we’ll discuss what you can of if you’re concerned about the environment. Remember, even making small changes can make a huge difference! 

Use Your Voice

Use your voice and show how passionate you are about the environment. You might think you’re preaching to people, but too many people prefer to bury their heads in the sand. Share posts on social media and even speak with your local PM. Discuss environmental issues with others where possible. Remember, shouting and arguing won’t get you very far. Try to bring people around in a diplomatic, smart way. Don’t make them feel ashamed or wrong, as they will be less likely to make a change. 

Stay Informed

Stay clued up on issues and do your research regularly. Sign up to newsletters. 

Travel Responsibly

Responsible travel is essential. You can commute to work on public transport, carpool with others, and even start holidaying closer to home to make a difference. 

Image - PEXELS

Be Mindful Of The Brands That You Buy From

The brands you buy from all impact the environment in different ways. It could be as simple as reducing plastic with a Moriondo coffee membership, rather than buying coffee pods. Make sure the brands you choose to work with are as passionate about the environment as you are. 

Eat Sustainably 

Food production plays a huge part in wildlife extinction. What you eat contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and other issues. Did you know that producing meat creates vastly more carbon dioxide than plants such as vegetables, grains and legumes? By moving away from a mostly meat diet and cutting right down you can make a positive change. With many vegan and veggie options in restaurants and supermarkets, you shouldn’t have too much trouble with this. 

Reduce Your Waste 

There are all kinds of ways to reduce waste, too. Use both sides of paper. Reduce the amount you print. Buy a menstrual cup rather than pads and tampax. Stop using plastic straws and buy a reusable straw instead. Make sure you re-use items where you can too, such as jars! 

Be Mindful Of what You Buy

Be conscious of what you buy and where you buy it from. Fast fashion is having a huge negative impact on the environment at the moment. Being less of a consumer will improve your footprint, reduce waste, and even save you money. Supporting eco-friendly products which are less damaging to the environment will also encourage companies to source and produce their products in a sustainable way.

All of the above small changes can help you both in work and in your daily life. Don’t wait - making a change now is so important. Leave your thoughts below!