by Patrick Adams

If there's one room in the house that should represent the ultimate haven it's certainly your bathroom. After a hectic exhausting day, all you'll need is to unwind and relax in a soothing bubble bath, but you won't be able to feel completely at ease unless you create a harmonious environment. Therefore, if you think your bathroom needs some remodeling, check out a few tips that will help you transform your wet room into the ultimate Zen oasis.

Bring In Natural Elements

One of the ways to create a calming ambiance in your bathroom is to bring nature indoors. Consider placing a large piece of rough wood, where used to be your ceramic counter top, for a vessel sink. The Zen style will make the most out of natural materials transform otherwise ordinary items into soothing décor. Feel free to get some smooth stones and even a fountain for added calmness. Stone or wood flooring is another way to introduce natural elements into décor. Woven reed mats or sisal rugs would look lovely as area rugs. Woven baskets for towel storage, wooden ladders to lean against the wall and double up as a towel rack and as a decorative piece will look perfect.

Add Some Greenery

Bamboo plants will look absolutely stunning in your Zen bathroom. Don’t hesitate to place a pot of greenery in every corner, and for even more nature-like décor, consider installing a large window that will overlook your garden, in case that’s where your bathroom is pointed to. Petit Aloe Vera pots around your bath’s edges, a spider plant hanging in all directions from a high shelf, or maybe a cactus near the window, greenery in the bathroom will give that spa-like vibe you need to feel at ease when enjoying a relaxing bath.

Call the Renovation Experts

If you decide you want to completely remodel your bathroom and change your fixtures, or maybe even move them in order to create the ultimate calming bathroom, it would be a good idea not to do it on your own, Instead, turn to experienced professional such as Go Build Renovation for any consultation, planning and potential contracting. Any sort of complicated redecorating should be done by an experienced professional, or you may risk causing irreparable damage to your pipes and potentially jeopardize your entire home.

Introduce Calming Hues

In order to have a Zen-like ambiance in your home, you must decorate the room with soothing colors. Start by repainting the walls into a neutral beige shade, for example. Everything from beige, to light grey, ivory, pastel green, baby blue or any other soft color of nature will create the ever-needed relaxing vibe. In combination with wooden or stone floors, either of these colors will blend in flawlessly into the décor. Repaint the cabinetry into dark brown, or alternatively choose a soft light shade for them in case you want to achieve a clean natural look alongside with light beige walls.

Let Soothing Smells Spread

Candles are an essential part of a Zen-like ambiance so make sure you have them in abundance. Spread them around the tub and light them up before entering the tub to create a true soothing vibe. For an additional spa-like feel, get scented candles with your favorite fragrance and introduce a bit of aromatherapy to your bathroom as well. A state of relaxation is best achieved with pleasant aromas and unique scents that appeal to all of your senses. Bad bathroom odors can ruin the entire meditative experience, so make sure the room is filled with soothing herbs like lavender or rosemary. Bath salts by the bath, or burning incense sticks will fill the room with a unique aroma you’ll absolutely love.

Final Thoughts

Turning your bathroom into a calming oasis of haven does not require too much hassle. All you need to do is bring in some natural elements and make sure your décor revolves around calming hues. With a bit of greenery and pleasant aromas filling the room, you’ll feel like you’re at the best spa in the city.


Bio: Patrick Adams is a freelance writer and rock-blues fan. When he is not writing about home improvement, he loves to play chess, watch basketball, and play his guitar. More than anything, he loves to spend his time in his garage, repairing appliances and creating stuff from wood.