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Hot weather can become dangerous especially for babies and young children as they easily become affected by the weather heat faster. Babies and children ought to be looked at carefully in this warm weather as they’re most of the time at a bigger risk of getting ill than adults. Babies and children should drink more liquids, wear light outfits and kept cool at all times during summer. Remember the following basic tips when seeking to keep your Babies and children safe and cool as the weather conditions continue to heat up this season so as to best summer.

Dress your baby applicably

If your child’s room is so warm, for instance above 25 degrees, some nappies and a tinny vest can do. If the baby’s temperature room is about 20-23 degrees, you can dress him/her shorts or a short grow and T-shirt or even a nappy. If your baby is a bit too new for any bedding, you can dress it in some suitable clothing that’s appropriate for the baby’s room temperature. Reedy layers of lightweight material in natural fibers are the best in keeping babies cool.

Make your home cool

Allow a breeze of cool air to come into your home during daytime by opening your home windows. One can open their loft hatch so as to let the heat to escape your home. You can pull your curtains up to two-thirds way across so as to prevent entry of hot sun. You can purchase a room thermometer to know the rooms of the house that are usually the hottest.

One can use a fan if they’ve got one. However, don’t point the fan towards the baby so as to cool them, just put it on and let the air to circulate freely.

Put your Baby to Sleep downstairs

It’s usually advised that when it’s too hot on the upper part of your house, you can opt to change your baby’s normal sleeping room to a downstairs one during their sleeping hours. These rooms are usually somewhat cooler. Most heat waves don’t last for long so it can likely be only for just a number of days before getting back to the normal weather.

Avoid dehydration

Just like adults, babies and children, in general, need to take in plenty of fluids so as to avoid being dehydrated. You’ll know that your baby is properly hydrated when you change 6 to 8 pale wet nappies in a day. During hot weather conditions, you’ll find that your baby will want to even feed more than the usual but on shorter periods. Keep your child well hydrated and fed constantly.

If your baby is able to have solids, you can be able to give them small quantities of cooled clean water all through the day. If they wake up at night, they’ll possibly want milk. However, if they’ve already had their milk feeds already, try to give them cooled water also.

Travel with your baby when it’s cooler

In case you need to go anywhere, try as much as possible to avoid moving with your baby during the hotter part of the day. Also, you can apply the use of sunshades on your vehicle windows so as to aid in protecting your child from the heat of the sun when they're in a car seat.

Keep your baby calm

A peaceful baby will stay cooler than an irritated baby so always try to keep a calmative bedtime unchanging procedure and also keep soothing and comforting your baby whenever he/she gets agitated.

Always Keep the baby’s skin cool

Run a Luke-warm or even a slightly cooler wash to your baby in the heatwave season before their bedtime or even during daytime if they’re becoming uncomfortable and bothered with the hot weather.

A cool bath will help in refreshing babies before their bedtime and relieve any clamminess. Try freshening using a gentle squeegee wash.

Maintain a cool temperature in your baby’s bedroom

Ensure you keep your baby’s curtains and blinds closed during the daytime so as to minimize heat from sun getting into the room. A good nursery thermometer will do away with any guesswork and assist you in monitoring the baby’s room temperature. Most babies will have a good sleep when their room temperature is ranging from 16C (61F) to 20C (68F). Be sure to invest in a high quality summer bed sheets to help the kids get a best night sleep.

If you’re worried and not sure about what to do and not to when it comes to your child’s or baby’s safety in terms of heat, remember you have an intuition as a mom. Use that! Whenever you feel it’s too hot, uncomfortable or sweaty, chances are that your child is probably feeling worse. You need to create an environment that will cool him/her down. Some air conditioning will be in order. Also if you follow the tips discussed in this article, you will be helping your little one in coping well with hot weather.