Wedding magazines and planning blogs tend to always focus on the bride, but this time we’re talking about men. Grooms-to-be are not only left out of the wedding reporting world, but also from planning the wedding itself. Sure, some might not want to take part in it and are happy to leave it all to their partner, but they are also sometimes left out just because it’s presumed they don’t want to be part of it or because that’s a “woman’s job”. But if there’s one thing you can absolutely take care of is your own outfit, and here are some tips on how to look your best on your big day.

Know what you like

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If the first time you put on a suit is when you’re trying your wedding outfit – you might find it tricky finding the right fit. Knowing what you like and what looks good on you is crucial information for both yourself and the salesperson or tailor that is decking you out for the big day. If you start trying on suit after suit without knowing what you want, you risk having a lot of bad options at the very start, discouraging you from looking onward and staying motivated to get something that suits you. It’s also not a bad idea to browse through different models of suits to get acquainted with the styles and find some that you’d like to imitate. “Some” being the key word: if you go in with only one model in mind, you risk the store not carrying that or it not looking the way you imagined it when you put it on.

Step into the spotlight

I’m not in any way saying that you should steal the spotlight away from the bride. However, everyone always pays so much attention to the bride, her dress and all the details, and you shouldn’t feel like you’re playing a supporting role. You two are equal that day in every way, which also means looking equally stunning. You can find a tailor that does custom men’s suits and get a colored suit that fits you perfectly and will definitely draw attention. You can also go for something atypical like a deconstructed kimono or a suit with a bold pattern. At the end of the day, you can absolutely wear something to match your bride-to-be, whether it’s a completely white suit with accents of the same color, or a suit that complements the color of her hair, eyes or accessories.

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Match with your boys

If your bride is going to match up with her bridesmaids, then you deserve to do the same with your groomsmen. You can, of course, all wear a similar suit, with yours differentiating by being a three-piece or by having added embellishments. But you can also make something more original, like each wearing a pastel shade of one color of the rainbow. Or you can have some fun by looking all done up on first glance, but actually all having a little dinosaur sewed onto your jacket pockets or your back. If there is something that you think is really cool or funny, but you think you won’t be able to pull it off on your own, your boys are there to support you and do it together with you. 

So if your wedding is coming near, remember that you don’t need to give up all control and that your opinions matter, so go right ahead and if nothing else – dress in the best possible way and make your future spouse weak at the knees when they see you standing at the altar waiting.