Asian-themed Motifs That You Will Love to Use in Your Modern Home

by: Nigel Hilton

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Western style has been at the forefront when it comes to modern home design for years. Even in countries that are far from the west, it has proved to be a popular choice among families and institutions that want to build good-looking and quality structures. But over the years, the eastern approach has slowly been gaining a decent following even in countries such as the United States. The reason is simple: Oriental design for homes are applicable to almost anywhere as long as the design qualifies. If you’re looking for a perfect concept for your dream home, then maybe this is what you’re looking for. Take the following guide to these wonderful eastern approaches to modern living:

Filipino Home

A typical Filipino home design is what you may call a complete package. For one, there is an abundance of culture surrounding it. The Philippines has been a cultural melting pot for hundreds of years. Many design schemes have been incorporated into both the architecture and interiors of the country’s homes. For example, the living area is always near the dining area. They are sometimes even in the same room, creating multifunctional space. The “bahaykubo” theme is also prevalent, and design elements made of wood serve both aesthetic and ecological purposes, even when placed in a Capitol Commons condo for sale.

The Zen Concept

Zen came from the Japanese brand of Buddhism that was specifically practiced by the samurai. It simply means enlightenment through meditation. Although you don’t need to be converted to that religion, this concept can be applied to your home by incorporating a relaxing, chill, and breathable design. Although your home’s façade can look like anything, the concept of Zen can be applied when it comes to the arrangement of the interior. The key to this is harmony and balance. The natural flow of air, light, and movement not only helps your home’s overall look but also benefits your health.

Middle Eastern Theme

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In the past, Middle Eastern themes and concepts were only limited to Arab countries. Nowadays, more and more people are recognizing and appreciating their architecture and interior design. These consist of light and airy spaces that also incorporate accurate geometry. Elegant carpets can bring life to your home with their exotic designs. They also tend to reflect heat, making the space perfect for summer. Mosaics are also part of this design concept. What’s good about them is that they could be applied on any part of the house that needs to have a conversation piece or a focal point that you and your guests can feast your eyes upon.

Asian design consists of so many different styles that you may become conflicted with what you may want to apply onto your own humble abode. Sometimes, you might just want to put them all together, but that can be a recipe for disaster. To make it easier for you, just be open to any suggestions from your trusted interior designer and choose which theme can suit your lifestyle and preferences best.