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You all would be thinking whose day I am talking about and who is the Hero here? So, as we all know that father’s day is almost here and it is the duty of every child to make this day special for their father as he is the Hero in everyone’s eyes, especially to their kids. He is the man who deserves all the happiness of the world because of his efforts that he makes for his family to make them happy. Their are end number of things that a father does for his family without any complaints and demands. He is the one who handles all the responsibilities of the whole family and also takes care of everyone’s needs and demands. So, if he alone can make his entire family happy for the whole life by sacrificing many things then why can’t his children do some things for the father’s day to make their dad happy? It is the duty of every child to take care of their parents and their happiness. So, start planning now to make your dad happy by celebrating his special day.

Father’s day is celebrated to honor all the efforts that a father makes for his family. His day has been celebrated for over 100 years and is celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year. So, make this father's day in a way which shows him how special he is for everyone. There are some ways by which you can make the father’s day special for him.

Order a delicious cake

We all know that a cake is important for every occasion, as cutting a cake completes the celebration. So, you can order special father’s day cake for the special occasion of father’s day. There are many online portals who offer special delicious cakes for every occasion to make it more enjoyable. You can surprise your dad with the delicious cake at midnight as midnight surprises are the best to give and also it is trending for the new generation.

Do what makes him happy

Think about the things that make your dad happy. I am sure that you will find many things by which your Dad can be happy. There would be many things that your dad would like but you won’t give him. You have to still do all that things just for your Hero as it’s father’s day and everyone loves to see their father smiling. So, find out and make the list if the things that your Dad loves to do or wants you to do for him.

Spend time with him

Majority of people don’t spend much time with their dad’s, but they don’t know that father’s love to sit and talk with their children. So, take this day to spend some quality time with your father and talk about life. I am sure that he will love to share his experiences and he would also love to talk about life. You can just get away from the house and spend the time together. You can go for a walk with him or sit at a park.

Give him beautiful bouquet of flowers

Flowers are great to honor fatherhood. They are best to express your emotions. You can give your father a beautiful bouquet of red roses as father’s day flowers which will express your love in a better way than words do as red roses are the symbol of love.

These are some of the simple things that everyone can do for their father to make him happy and to make him feel special on the occasion of father’s day.