By Dave Smith

When it comes to purchasing a gun, people spend a lot of time in finding out the best one that can suit them, depending on their personality and suiting their budget. Once you buy the gun, then you put stress on the different types of accessories linked to it. This may include the holster, gun belt, magazine pouches, etc. Although, these are secondary items, yet these play a very major role when you are using guns. These kinds of stuff make it easy to work with the gun.

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Coming to holsters, these are available in different types. Holsters like G2 Extra Magazine offer you combo space for a gun as well as magazines. Magazine holsters and Mag carrier not only protect your gun but also ensure safety. Basically, this is a type of pouch is made from a non-slip material for keeping your extra ammo handy and easy to access. Usually, these are small in size and can fit in either your left or right pocket.

Talking about the carrying of ammunition, the majority of the people don’t find it logical to carry a spare magazine. But, carrying an additional one proves helpful in case there is a need arises for more bullets. Hence, investing in a holster which supports an extra magazine can be an appropriate decision. Here, we are discussing the need for the magazine carriers or magazine holsters or magazine pouches in detail.


Well, there are a number of reasons which favors the practice of carrying an extra magazine. The most basic one is you can go out of ammo. Whether you are using an ammo for your self-defense or with any other purpose, there is always a possibility that you may be in some trouble and due to lack of proper bullets have to face some serious consequences. One cannot decide the optimum number related to the carrying of magazines or bullets, so it is always best to keep some extras.

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Yes, when you are carrying the magazine holster or magazine carrier, you need to know how to keep or carry it properly. This is witnessed that most of the people use to carry the spare magazine pouch in their pocket. If you want to purchase a holster that also supports a spare magazine compartment, then selecting the G2 Extra Magazine would be a perfect option for you. These types of holsters can give you benefits like you can carry your gun and the magazine in the same compartment.

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Well, carrying a spare magazine or magazines is not a difficult task. Most of the carriers are designed in such a way that it can offer ease and convenience in working with the gun. So there is no need to get worried about the same. Moreover, there are some carriers, which support a clip or something to make the whole task simple and lead to easy concealment.

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Talking about the area where you can hold the holster, you can do so as per your comfort. But according to the experts, it is advisable to put it anywhere from the hips forward. If you are carrying it behind the back, then it makes the whole process little tricky and inconvenient. One of the possible reasons for doing so is that this lets you change the mags easily using your weaker hand, which can have a quicker access to the extra magazine.


Basically, this depends on the design and size of the holster. Some holster may do so, but most of the holsters are designed for a handgun. So these can only support standard size calibers up to to a 5.7 round.

Summing up, you will come across a numerous type of holster, formed of different materials like nylon, leather, neoprene, stretchy stuff, and even injection molded plastic. But if you don’t want to compromise with the quality, then picking the leather made holster is perfect and G2 Extra Magazine can fulfill your every requirement. These are long-lasting and durable.