Anyone who is regular at a local gym can testify of guys working out in anything from greasy overalls and steel-cap boots to oversized basketball shorts paired with tennis socks and crocks. While the gym is a place where men sometimes tend to confuse comfortable with sloppy or right-out horrendous, just imagine the horror of wearing those bro-style combinations as casual streetwear. While many of us come to love gym clothes for freedom of movement and moisture wicking properties, when it comes to rocking those pieces in the street, there are a few things to keep in mind.   

Choose simple

While comfort and breathability are two main reasons why we like to wear gym clothes casually, always choose pieces that aren't too tight and have a bit of movement in them. Even if designed with moisture-wicking fibres, and anti-allergic thread, if worn too tight, shirts can cause skin irritation and show sweat break-outs. Nike’s Dri-Fit range of Ts and shorts are made of great lightweight material that keeps you dry throughout the day, but if you don’t react particularity good to synthetics, go for 100% cotton, something along the lines of classic polos from Abercrombie and Fitch or Fred Perry. However, keep in mind that you’ll need to keep your athleisure wardrobe updated regularly, especially if you wear the same pieces in and out of the gym, in which you may want to consider vertical retailers rather than premium brands.

Make sure it fits

There comes a point where too comfortable becomes too dorky and as such, not advisable to wear either in the gym or on the street. Just as they keep on snagging on benches and machines, clothes that are too loose may constrict your movement during everyday activities and make you look smaller than you are. So, if you're a size M, make sure you wear M. One way to wear clothes that fit and retain the freedom of movement is to choose materials like nylon-elastane which provides a comfortable fit without feeling too tight. On top of it, clothes that fit properly will give you a more aesthetic appeal, allowing you to take pride in those New Year's resolutions. Let those hours of work and sweat show off a little bit.

Keep it appropriate

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When it comes to footwear, not all gym choices can be pulled off equally good as streetwear. Of course, your choice will depend on what kind of exercise you're into. If you spend a lot of time running either on a treadmill or actual track, you may consider sneakers with a lightweight EVA midsole and stabilizing torsion technology. For general resistance training and light running, you may choose a more casual looking nubuck and mesh men’s Adidas sneakers, which have always leaned towards urban wear even in specialized athletic lines. If you’re planning on wearing the same pair inside and outside the gym, you should invest in some antibacterial wash.

Too tight is not right

Today, compression clothing is a big trend in both women’s and men’s athletic fashion. What’s the difference? You give up? Women’s compression pants can be worn (by women) outside the gym, while men’s should not. Even in the gym, they are best worn under a pair of light shorts. Unfortunately, some guys have mistaken them for actual pants, sharing much more with their gym buddies than just tips on bulking and cutting. While compression outfits have their use, especially in winter when they are great for outdoor workouts and walks, keep in mind that they are essentially an undergarment so if you have to, wear them under fitted cotton tracksuit pants.

People who take working out seriously know the importance of quality exercise outfits. However, if you’re ready to spend a small fortune on premium athletic clothes and footwear, think about these tips and consider those which you can wear casually outside the gym.