During pregnancy, your entire life along with your body will be changing. However, on that road, you shouldn't stop loving and cherishing your personal style just as you did pre-baby. Even though dressing up your baby bump may seem like a huge challenge, with only a few tips and tricks, you'll be able to do it without much fuss, look wonderful during the entire nine months and flaunt your bump proudly.

Let the wardrobe grow with you

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Every woman’s body will develop differently during pregnancy, which is why you shouldn’t rush with buying new clothes the moment you realise your bump is showing. Grow your wardrobe along with your bump, because you may not need too big a top if your bump isn't super big by the ninth month. Also, you may gain 20 pounds, or you may gain only 10, and since you can't predict that, don't risk buying too many clothes that you won't end up wearing. You can still wear most of your pre-bump wardrobe through your pregnancy, so no need to go impulse shopping.

Flaunt the bump

Pregnancy is one of the most natural and beautiful experiences in life, which is why you shouldn't try to hide it. Growing another life inside of you is the biggest miracle and you should be proud of it, so instead of concealing it with baggy clothes, stick to the form-fitting wardrobe. It'll allow you to show off everything that looks amazing, without revealing too much. Knee-length stretchy dresses, matched with cardigans or hip-length blazers will look stunning while also making you feel comfortable. Forget about oversized frumpy clothes that will only make you feel bigger than you actually are, but stay stylish in your sexy black bodycon dress.

Don’t fear maternity jeans

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Just because maternity clothes are fitted differently than regular clothes, it doesn’t mean they won’t flatter you. On the contrary, maternity wear has come a long way and so did maternity jeans. They will make you feel more comfortable than regular denim, so invest in one good pair of Mavi maternity jeans and pregnancy will feel sublime. It’s essential that you feel good in your own skin while your body is growing, and maternity wear will do just that because it’s made to support your body perfectly while allowing your bump to grow without any constrictions.

Stay faithful to your style

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Being pregnant, getting ready to parent a child and experiencing so many different things all at once is enough change so if you can maintain one thing and let it stay the same, it should be your personal style. Therefore, if you loved mini skirts and tops, rock it still. Skinny jeans and blazers can look amazing even when you're six months pregnant, so invest in maternity jeans that will make you look and feel amazing. If you loved wearing heels pre-pregnancy, don't let anyone tell you a pregnant woman shouldn't or can't wear them. Some women feel as if they were born in heels, and if you're one of them, make them look sexy and classy at the same time along with your favourite body-conscious dress.

Accessories are the key

If maternity wear isn't fashionable enough to you, feel free to turn it up a notch and dress it up with some stylish accessories. Large flowy scarfs will go great with your leather jacket and a plain black t-shirt. Throw on a fedora and a pair of sunglasses when you just can't be bothered to put on makeup, but you still want to have that shabby chic look. Bangle bracelets, long necklaces and oversized bags are all you need to make the bump look fierce and make you feel like the next most fashionable pregnant lady.

Final thoughts

Just because you're a mom-to-be, it doesn't mean your style needs to change. What's more, as long as you make sure you're buying the clothes that fit you, invest in quality maternity wear, and accessorize to the max, you'll have no trouble staying true to your style and making sure you look fabulous during pregnancy.