In all of our lives, we all encounter changes to the normality which can have the potential to affect us in detrimental ways. These changes, sometimes, are not planned and can occur at the most inconvenient of times which can really hit us off our stride and make unhappy, stressed and uncomfortable with all the thoughts flowing around our head as to how we are going to deal with these changes and turn them around to become positive aspects, or we can improve them so that they are not as negative as they seemed initially.

Changes in our lives can stem from just about anything: ranging from situations with our homes (struggling to pay bills, home improvements may be needed such as roof maintenance, room refurbishments etc), to personal relationships breaking down (this could be the break up of a relationship with a partner, family arguments, or the loss of a friendship with a close friend), or we could be suffering from the loss of a job which has left us feeling stressed about how to deal with expenditures and necessary bills that we have to pay. Some people manage to deal with these changes or problems easily, and put them all in their stride, dealing with them in an efficient and purposeful way. However, there are some people - of course - who really struggle to deal with big changes and it results in their lives being affected in a lot of ways.


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To deal with changes in your life, it is important that you assess whatever change it is and realize that there are ways in which you can deal with the problems while keeping your life on track. If the change is within your home, then think about ways in which to cope with the problem. If, for example, you need to pay for maintenance on your roof then you can contact professional companies in your area who can assist you with the job you need doing. You should research companies and see which of them offer the best deal, have the most positive reviews and which have the best reputation. It is not wise to simply choose the first company you come across as you could find a better deal elsewhere, and also find a company who can do a better job.

If you are struggling to pay bills, then you could speak to family and friends who may have been in similar situations and ask how they dealt with the problems or you could seek professional help who may be able to help you put a debt management plan in place that could take a lot of pressure off you. When you find yourself in a situation where you are unsure of how you are going to pay the bills, this can be extremely stressful as it can affect all aspects of your life. But, if you decide to seek help then you may find yourself working your way through the situation easier than you thought.


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When the change that has occurred is the breakdown of a relationship, it can be hard to continue living your life in the way that you did before. This can be especially true if you are going through the break up of a relationship with a partner. Our partners tend to be the closest people in our lives, and when a split happens it can be a very confusing time as we may feel lost, and depressed, about not having that person in our life anymore. To get over a relationship will take some time, especially if it was a long term relationship, but you should try to live your life as similarly as you did before, and try to keep doing the things you enjoy.

If you keep thinking about your ex partner it could be very hard to get over them, so you should try to keep distracted. If your ex partner tends to go to the same places as you, then you may want to not visit those place as much as you used to and find somewhere else to go. However, you should not change your lifestyle so that you avoid your ex partner. You will be bound to bump into them at some point, so it is just a case of trying to carry on normally.


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If the change in our life is the loss of a job, then instead of spending a lot of time at home, a good idea could be to get out and about and try to enjoy the time off while you are on the job search. It is likely that when you were in employment, you spent a lot of time at work and did not have a lot of free time to yourself so you should try to take advantage of the time you have to yourself while it is available.

While you get out of the house, you could kill two birds with one stone and ask around in places that you frequent or in place local to your area, if they have any jobs available or you could hand in your CV. Often, this can be a great way of securing a job as it shows you are confident and if the staff know you in a certain place that you visit a lot they may feel more inclined to offer you a position.

Sometimes, during the phase where you have lost a job, it could be beneficial for you to take on a part time role somewhere as this means you will still be earning money that will enable you to get by, and you will also have time to yourself to enjoy your free time and you could also use your spare hours to look for full time jobs which are suited to you. It is important that the loss of a job does not affect you too much as you will want a clear mind when on the job search and will want to appear confident to prospective employers.