by Shona James


Cigarette smoking is a dangerous habit that takes millions of lives every year. It’s addictive and can lead to serious health issues including different forms of cancers.

 Despite all the warning and side effects, cigarette smoking is still common among people of all ages. However, things appear to be changing now as the latest reports suggest a change in trends.

 According to the latest figures, people are now turning towards vaping as it is considered to be a safer substitute when compared to smoking. This is why, for the first time in decades, there’s a shift and the number of smokers appears to be finally declining.

 Let’s know more about vaping and why it may be a good idea to give it a try, especially if you’re looking for ways to quit smoking:

 1. Extensive Range Of Flavors

Vaping offers thousands of flavors while cigarettes do not.

 E-cigarettes use e-liquids, which are a mixture of nicotine and a few other ingredients including vegetable glycerol and Propylene Glycol.

 Some of the most famous vaping flavors are cinnamon, vanilla, buttered popcorn, fruity, mint etc. In fact, you can even find tobacco-flavored juices.

 2. Vaping Is Inexpensive

Vaping helps save hundreds of dollars in the long run. Let’s do the math now:

 The average smoker lights about one cigarette a day. This equals to one pack which costs about $13 on an average. This means you will be spending over $200 per month on cigarettes alone. If you go for a cheaper brand, it will still cost you about $150, which is a lot.

 On the other hand, decent vape kits cost around $35. It’s a one-time investment as good quality products are durable and can last a long time. We suggest that you study the market and pick the best vape pen to quit smoking according to testimonials and reviews.

 You will only have to invest in e-liquids. A 10ml bottle is available for as low as $7, which is good for about a week. This means you will only spend about $40 per month on e-cigs, getting to save a lot of money.

 3. Vaping Causes No Health Issues

Vape mods let users set the desired nicotine level. You can choose from a variety of options including a 0% version that contains no nicotine. Hence, you do not have to face the health effects of nicotine, which is a common issue when it comes to cigarettes.

 4. No Environmental Damage

It takes a complete tree to prepare 300 cigarettes only. Imagine how many trees need to be sacrificed to produce a carton.

 On the other hand, vaping causes no environmental damage because both the vape mod and battery used are recyclable. In fact, you can even control the production of clouds according to your needs.

 The Bottom Line

All in all, vaping is much more suitable compared to conventional smoking. Give it a try if you find yourself addicted to smoking.