Mother’s Day is the perfect time of the year to surprise your mother with a gift she’d love. But, it’s hard to be original and creative when buying gifts for someone you’ve known your whole life. It seems as if everything you think of is cliché or already seen. If you really wish to invest yourself in buying the best gift, then focus on the list below and see whether any of these might fit your mother’s taste.

A set of cozy pajamas

Your mother has probably been wearing the same set of pajamas for years (and so have you), which is why pajamas are always a useful and refreshing gift. You should find a pajama set that suits your mother’s taste best, so think about the color, material and design.

The best colors for a matchy-matchy pajama set are millennial pink or baby blue, because they invite you to the land of dreams the moment you step into them. As for the material, cotton is by far the most comfortable and the least irritating. If your mother is generally prone to feeling cold, then choose a long-sleeve design that covers all body parts. A great addition to this gift can be a comfy bathrobe, so that she is completely prepared for spending a lazy Sunday indoors, watching movies or reading her favorite books.  

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Personalized jewelry

Probably one of the best possible Mother's Day gift ideas is stylish and original personalized jewelry, especially for a classy and elegant woman. There are many places where you can find necklaces, earrings and bracelets that can be personalized with a quote or any other kind of symbol.

When choosing a personalized quote, think about what your mother would love to read every time she wears that piece of jewelry. Also, it would be good to choose an anecdote or an intern joke to engrave, because it can’t get any more personalized than that. If no one understands the engraving except the two of you, then you’ve made the right choice!

A unique set of coasters  

Every woman loves a clean table, so a mother can never have enough coasters in her home. Using coasters is a great way to prevent drink-spilling and furniture-damaging, especially if you are not fond of cleaning after your guests. No one can stay cold-hearted when receiving coasters as a gift, and you can make this gift even better by personalizing the design and engravings on the coasters.

Coasters vary in materials, but you should probably choose natural cork because it is the easiest to carry around and it soaks up all the moisture (plus, it is eco-friendly). As for the design, we recommend jigsaw coasters that are absolutely adorable.

A spa experience

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Sometimes, a weekend away to a relaxing spa is just what a mother needs. Gifting your mom with an all-inclusive weekend at the spa might be the best idea, but if you don’t have the budget for such a present, then think of improvising with spa experience kits. Try choosing reliable products that are made from 100%-natural ingredients. We recommend goat’s milk, apricot and almond oil or shea butter.

Natural oils can have especially therapeutic effects, depending on what you need them for. You can use coconut oil for sensitive skin, or argan oil for dry skin and hair, while olive oil is best for very dry skin. Complete this gift with a set of scented candles or air diffusers, and you’ll put a smile on your mother’s face for sure.

Don’t forget to think of your mother’s needs first, whichever gift you choose. If it seems like she has everything she needs, try getting some ideas by listening to her. The best gift is that one thing that the person wants most, but you want to make it a surprise, so start investigating a bit earlier to find the perfect gift that your mother deserves.