by McKenna McKay

If you would like to have a secure career, you can never stop learning. In fact, in the ever changing work environment of today, it is important that you keep up with the trends and update your knowledge regularly. No matter if you want to progress your career, change the industry you are working in, or just stay competitive in the job market, you will have to seek skills that are likely to be in demand. Below you will find a list of skills that your future employer is likely to appreciate.



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No matter if you want to improve your own productivity or help your team achieve better results, you will need to improve your leadership skills. There are several industry specific courses available, so you don’t need to leave your employment or your industry. For example, you can enroll in an msn program online and start instantly providing more value for your employer and allow them to recognize your talent.  

Software Management

The majority of businesses today are using technology to improve the service they offer to their customers. This means that you will need to be familiar with the systems used and managing them. Business owners and managers simply don’t have the time or energy to figure out how to use software and technology. If you can become an expert, you can pass on your knowledge to your colleagues and improve the productivity of the entire team.


One of the reasons why conflict at the workplace exists is that there are barriers to communication. You can become the facilitator of discussions and collaboration, if you take on a course on communication, team management, and negotiation. The key is to align the values and interests of individuals in the group and create a shared goal everyone is able to work toward.

Project Management


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If you would like to work and appear more professional, it is important that you up your organization and project management skills. For many people, project management is still a myth, but it is actually a practical skill. You will have to create and execute a plan in a way that you are reducing the cost of the project, the turnaround time, while increasing the benefit the project delivers for the company. From learning how to map the project and keep an eye on the different stages to creating a shared goal, this skill involves various activities.

Data Analytics

For many modern companies, information is one of the most valuable assets. No matter if the business is looking to expand to new markets, or launch a new product, they will need the right information to make strategic decisions, if you acquire statistical and data analytics skills, you can become one of the most valuable employees in the organization, and help the leadership make informed decisions.

If you want to become a more valuable employee for your current or future company, it is important that you never stop learning new skills.