by Nigel Hilton


You work hard and take care of business every day. Kids, family, pets, the office; you’re involved and busy all the time. It is never cliché to say that you deserve to pamper yourself occasionally. Enjoyment is part of why we do as much as we do.

Everyone knows about the traditional luxury purchases. Things like trips, cars, clothes, jewelry and electronics are fine but sometimes it is the little luxuries that get missed. Little luxuries can be rewarding due to lower cost and the chance to experience them daily.

The zenruption team did a little research with the goal of finding three small luxury purchases that we’d personally enjoy. The goal was to find things that could be enjoyed daily and at a reasonable expense. Hopefully, you’ll be enjoying our picks soon and rewarding yourself for all you do.


Indulge at the Office

Office life can be stressful. Everyone has a deadline. You’re constantly competing for time and resources just to get things done. Sometimes a great way to break the monotony and stress is that daily walk to the snack machine. One problem with the snack machine is the lack of fulfilling choices. It also seems that there is nothing even approximating healthy to choose from. Sure, a candy bar might work every now and then, but you’ve earned more than that. Wouldn’t you rather indulge in something healthy and popping with flavor?

A new service is office snack delivery. Snacks made up of healthy, super-foods are a true little luxury that can fuel the whole day ahead. To see what one vendor’s offerings look like click here. Doesn’t a Cali Berry just look delightful? Yumm.


Wrap Yourself in Happy

Bathing and sleeping are daily necessities. They are also a great opportunity to add a little more luxury to your life. If you’re going to spend 8 hours in a bed, shouldn’t it feel amazing? Why get out of a refreshing shower only to use a cheap and abrasive towel?

Yes, sheets and towels are two small luxury indulgences that are a must in the eyes of the zenruption crew. They offer a feeling that can’t be beat and allow each day to start having already pampered yourself. Online companies, like, specialize in just these two crucial luxuries. Wrap yourself in sumptuous luxury and be happy.


Spice Things Up a Bit

You aren’t bland, and you don’t consume bland things. Food is one of the most important parts of our lives. Is it no wonder that we seek out and feel such satisfaction from great flavors? The simplest luxury you can give yourself is an upgrade to what you eat at home. You’re far better than leftovers eaten over the sink.

For centuries, the ultimate luxury has been spices. Is it any wonder that the traders of spices were some of the wealthiest people in history? Spices drove the voyages of explorers and gave fortune and power to cities like Venice. Fortunately, we don’t have to sail to distant lands or pay a king’s ransom to indulge daily in the wonder of all types of spices. A simple click on a website like is all it takes.

Get to spicing up your life.


These are just three simple luxuries our team finds that make life a little better every day. It’s these little options that remind us daily why we do all we do. Go get your luxury on. You deserve it.