by Sharon Jones

We all need a break in life. Working hard all year deserves a week (or two) off to do something that rejuvenates the spirits. People all vacation differently. Some want the blood pumping and others want to lay by the pool. What matters is that you return refreshed and ready to take on the world once again.

Whether you’re a successful entrepreneur, like Roland Dickey Jr., and running a restaurant chain or you work in the IT department, there is a vacation type that fits your needs and desires.


Living Large

Many of us would love to spend a vacation indulging, site seeing and relaxing. Luxury and the wiping away of all cares provide a respite from the daily grind and sacrifices of the last year. Affordable options abound for those ready to spoil themselves.

One option is the all-inclusive resort. This type of luxury vacation focuses on relaxation and indulgence. Going away to know that food is provided, the beach is nearby and the pool has a swim up bar, can seem like a dream for many. Such vacations may seem out of reach but can be very affordable and accessible as well.

If a traveler is wanting luxury and the ability to see the sites of a new location almost daily, the luxury cruise is a fabulous option. Companies like,, connect their clients to the cruise that offers the amenities they want and visits the locations they’d like to see. A luxury cruise is much the same experience as the all-inclusive resort except you arrive at a new port of call without ever having to switch hotel rooms.


Roughing It

Many find cooking around a campfire and being away from others to be the ultimate reset of the soul. Camping is a way to disconnect from technology and the nuances of the fast-paced world. A camper gets to make new decisions daily and learn new things. The thrill of whittling a stick to cook a hot dog on over a campfire, can deliver the same joy for many that a swim up bar does for others.

In the fall, many get excited for the start of hunting season. It’s camping on steroids. The thrill of the hunt combined with roughing it, gets the blood racing. To make the trip even more challenging, a lot of hunters have even moved away from the rifle to using high tech crossbows like those from TenPoint Crossbow Technologies. Needing closer proximity to the game can create an even greater rush of adrenaline. A crossbow requires more thought and planning, which can make for the rejuvenation the hunter needs to return home ready to go.


Both vacation types have specific benefits for the traveler. What’s best is that either is accessible to anyone, regardless of being an executive, employee or retiree. What’s your next vacation going to be? Luxury or roughing it?