All over the world, many people, especially those who own houses, can agree that cleaning is one of the most boring and dreaded jobs when it comes to household chores. From cleaning dishes to laundry to floors and surfaces, cleaning, in general, is very tiresome and most people tend to hate doing such chores.

Floors in particular, tend to attract dirt and dust rather quickly as compared to other surfaces in the house. In addition, spillages from food and other substances can make cleaning such surfaces to be more difficult. The following are easy and lazy ways to clean your floor to ensure this summer is a relaxed one:


One of the easiest and convenient ways to clean the floor is through the use of a vacuum cleaner. Simply maid Australia mentions, even if one is lazy and does not want to clean their floor, the vacuum cleaner will definitely make the experience to be a whole lot of easier.

The vacuum cleaner is especially convenient for cleaning dust off floor surfaces, and it does not require much effort to operate. One just needs to turn it on and start cleaning. Furthermore, with the advent of technology, self-cleaning robotic vacuum cleaners are now popular, hence making it even better when it comes to cleaning the floor.


Another lazy way of cleaning the floor is through sweeping. Cleaning the floor has never been easier than sweeping the floor using a broom. It requires almost no effort, and it is pretty effective, since one can exert pressure to remove dirt easily on the broom. In addition, brooms come in various shapes, sizes and lengths. The long stick broom makes the exercise even easier and it is a great way and lazy at that, of cleaning the floor.

Cleaning using a mop:

Mops generally are an easy and reliable way of cleaning the floor. Stubborn stains such as sauce spillages and even crayon drawings for those who have kids can easily be done away with through mopping, and all one needs is a bucket and the mop stick.

The best thing about using a mop is the mop’s length which enables one to effortlessly clean the floor as one moves around without the need of reaching down. It is definitely a lazy way to clean a floor.

Use of a rag:

One effortless way of cleaning one’s floor is by use of a rag. For those who are lazy to clean their floors, they can easily make the rag wet and pass the rag over the floor with their feet while standing on the rug on the dirty floor surfaces. This method ensures one does not strain at all as one cleans their floors and also it is quite effective in removing dirt and dust from the floor surfaces in the house.

Hygiene is an important aspect of our human lives, as it enables us to lead healthy lives free from bacteria and other infection causing germs. However, most of the time we all get a little bit lazy so that we look for the easiest way out to carry out the cleaning activities.

The floor in particular tends to get dirty most of the time, and therefore it should be cleaned as often as possible, whether, through use of vacuum cleaners or other easy, convenient and lazy ways like the stepping on the rug. One thing however is for certain; you should always ensure you clean your floor this summer.