After a long week at work, the weekends serve as golden opportunities for letting your own style show through. With busy schedules and events sometimes overlapping, though, it can be challenging to know exactly what to wear to fit each occasion. Stopping at home between each appointment isn’t always an option, so finding easy ways to change up an outfit to make it appropriate is tricky. Wearing well fitted and versatile foundation pieces are a start, but here are three quick ways to dress up a casual outfit.


Sometimes, taking your clothes from day to night can be as simple as a style hack: undoing a button, wearing a shirt off the shoulder, or cuffing your pants. Don’t underestimate the ease and impact of layering, though, as you’ll be able to add dimension to your look. Take a romper dress, for example. It can be made to look more polished and professional by simply adding a blazer, which can take you from festival chic to business-ready. If at all possible, find one that has an unexpected element to it: a print on the inside, lace peeking out from the cuffs, or a tuxedo cut. If you’re not comfortable with a blazer, try pairing a shirt underneath your romper or dress. You’re not only creating a more complex focal point of your outfit with layering, but you’re also guaranteeing that no matter the weather, you’ll be comfortable.


Accessories are also an easy way to completely change an outfit. Multiple delicate necklaces can be great to wear while you’re at the farmers market during the day, but a large statement necklace can bring the drama to even the most casual of outfits at night. Changing the material of your jewelry can go a long way, as well. Earthy tones and materials such as pastels and wood are light enough for wear any time of day, however, diamonds and metals (gold, silver, copper) bring sparkle and weight so that a t-shirt can look red carpet ready.

Athleisure is a look that’s taken hold of the runways and fashion blogs in recent years, in part because it’s so easy to dress up or down with jewelry or accessories. While your fitness tracker stays true to the trend, switching it out for a fun cuff or a charm bracelet brings unexpected flair to what could otherwise be seen as drab workout clothes. Personalized jewelry makes this all the better, as you’re expressing your individual style (and usually a memory) more accurately than when you wear something mass-produced (and ubiquitous) that anyone can have.  


Don’t forget about your hair and makeup. A fresh-faced look is a must while you’re at the gym, as you don’t want to clog your pores with too much sweat and makeup. While at work or out running errands during the day, a simple makeup and hair routine is sufficient, as well. A messy bun or beach waves can convey an effortless style and takes less time away from your productivity. As the day goes on, though, a bold cat eye or chic chignon can instantly take your look from working girl to sophisticated woman on the town. One swipe of your eye liner in the restaurant bathroom, or a few perfectly placed bobby pins done while your companion finishes paying the meter can change your whole vibe regardless of the outfit you’re wearing.

Going casual makes getting ready in the morning easy, but you don’t have to sacrifice your fashion sense to do it. Planning ahead, and keeping such staples as a blazer, jewelry, your makeup, and low-maintenance hair products with you, will ensure that regardless of the occasion or timing, you’ll be prepared to get your sweats to look your absolute best.