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Is there anything better that you can do for someone than save their life? No matter how much money they have - or don’t have - that moment between life or death means everything to them, their families and friends, employees, colleagues, and a whole bunch of other people. A lot of people save lives directly, of course - if you work in the field of medicine, law enforcement, of the fire services, it is likely to happen more than a few times a year. But the rest of us do, too - in ways we might not realize.

Some of our taxes go to the fire services, for example. They also go towards our foreign aid payments - some of which eventually trickle down into poor regions of the world and helps provide care and medicine to vulnerable people. There are some that don’t like the concept of foreign aid, but for the price of dinner out, you can treat an HIV-positive child for 211 days.

So, we all play our part, whether we realize it - or like it - or not. But what if you want to go the extra mile? What can you do to save as many lives as you can, short of joining the emergency services, health care, or the military? Read on to find out some of the simple ways you can start saving more lives right now.

Start donating blood and marrow

When you give blood, you might be responsible for saving the life of three people. It’s that important. Sure, you are never going to know when that blood will be used,. Or who benefited, but donating blood is just as important as every other step in the healthcare process. It’s pretty much painless, easy, and anyone can do to - so book yourself into a donation drive the next time they come around. The meat in your bones is also a life saver. If you join the bone marrow registry, you can help provide the cure for someone with a blood cancer or a nasty immune system disorder.  

Learn First Aid

Delivering the right First Aid is such a critical part of an emergency event that we think it should be on the school curriculum. Those 10-15 minutes after an accident could make the difference between life and death, whether it’s performing the Heimlich maneuver or mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Extend your knowledge by learning how to use a defibrillator, too. Many schools and office buildings have them now, and should someone in the vicinity suffer a heart attack, your knowledge, and quick actions could save their life.

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Donate your organs

When you die, you won’t need your essential organs. But your heart, liver, kidneys, and everything else could find a new - and welcoming - home in someone who needs them to survive. Let’s face it, death comes to us all. But when your time is up, the simple fact is that you could extend the lives of up to 8 other people just by ticking the organ donor box right now.


We like to think you are a tech-savvy bunch, with smart ideas on innovation and making money. Why not put those skills together and come up with some disruptive medical, healthcar, and humanitarian business ideas? There’s plenty of new info from Laser Light Technologies and others that reveal modern developments in healthcare technology is continually saving lives. Perhaps it’s time to stop planning the next Pokemon clone and do something more socially-conscious?

Call out bullies

If you are strong-minded and can take some flak, why not focus on preventing the damage caused by bullies? Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to take constant criticism, harsh comments, and sometimes even violence. And we all know about the impact bullying can have - so call it out. Make it clear that bullying behavior is not acceptable. Maybe you will change someone’s mind and put them on the right path. Perhaps you will stop someone getting the beating that finally pushed them over the edge. And maybe, just perhaps, you will save a victim’s life.


Whatever you can do for local charities in your area, do it. Volunteering doesn’t just help people, it can save their lives, too. And don’t think that just because you can only make tea, you aren’t making a contribution. Everything that you do in a charitable organization frees up time for someone else to do other things. And that scales all the way up to where it matters - helping people on the front line and saving lives.

Give to charity

Of course, giving your time to a charity is a wonderful thing to do, but every charity out there needs money to survive. So, take a look at your local community and find out what is going on. Maybe there is a charity that is close to your heart. Perhaps you find a charity that s desperate for funds and is struggling to get their message out there. Make a choice, and hand over as much of your money as you can reasonably afford. And if you can’t afford anything, raise some. Fundraising is a great opportunity to highlight particular causes, and you will meet a heck of a lot of people, too. Plus, of course, your contributions could end up saving a life or two.

Join your local search and rescue

Finally, if you have some time to spare throughout the year and can be on call for emergencies, consider joining your local search and rescue unit. People go missing at an alarming rate in this country, whether it’s getting lost in the wilderness or being abducted. And make no mistake, as soon as this event occurs, these people’s lives are at extreme risk. Search and rescue volunteers can often be the first people to head out and look for the missing people - even faster than the standard emergency services. And they are integral to the chances of a victim’s survival. As long as you are fit, have a good character, and can commit to training and real events, your local search and rescue team will welcome you with open arms.