by Haris Quintana

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Image credit Pixabay - CC0 Licence

A couple of decades ago, entrepreneurship wasn’t a career aspiration for young people. Fast forward to today, and nearly every millennial in the Western world has a dream of running their own business, working for themselves and not having to rely on an existence lining the pockets of corporate fat cats. However, while financial freedom is welcome, the thought of becoming the financial bod, the marketing whizz, the HR guru, the social media manager and the managing director of your company is scary. You don’t want to be doing everything but in a mediocre fashion. There is another way. Consider outsourcing these business functions to make your business more efficient and more successful.

Social Media

Forget spending your days updating your Twitter feed and your Facebook page, and instead get a professional to do this job for you. While it may not take too much of your time, honing the ability to use hashtags and manipulate your followers in such a way that they share your posts and traffic is directed to your website, you need to become adept at social media management. As a newbie entrepreneur, there are other areas of your business vision that you will want to dedicate your time to. Hiring a professional will allow someone else to find your company voice, respond to queries and write posts for your business blog. A digital marketing agency will hone your brand even further and maximize your online presence across the Internet through affiliate links, SEO and business blog guest posts.

Website Development

Every company in the twenty first century needs to have an online presence. A website is the first port of call for many of your potential customers so it needs to grab their attention, be aesthetically pleasing and be easily navigated. You could use one of the many drag and drop website builders online, but outsourcing this function may be more worth your while. With an SEO enabled website created by a firm that know your business goals, you can have a more nuanced website. This is a site that will appear high up on the Google search results, it will be honed to suit your brand, and it will be intuitive for your clientele to use. There is nothing worse than a site that is full of errors, bad links and slow loads. An outsourced company can fix this.


If you are hiring staff for your startup, you will need to ensure that they are paid on time. While you could spend a couple of days each month sweating over a calculator, why not outsource this administrative function to a specialist. Never again will you have to worry about a tax obligation or a pension contribution. You won’t have to concern yourself with making an error and you will have more time to get on with more integral business functions. Your staff will appreciate the money you spend in ensuring that their pay is accurate and in their account when it should be.

Delegating is difficult when you think about your startup. This company is your baby. However, for it to succeed and go from strength to strength, you need to outsource.