by Zoe Zorka

In business, it’s a well-known fact that many business owners and self-employed people are usually reluctant to delegate tasks to other people, because they feel 100% responsible for every aspect of the business and its success. However, while business owners are busy with the basic admin tasks, the core business work suffers. It really doesn’t make sense to keep working on the jobs that can be handed over to someone else, with little risk, because it frees the business owner up to get on with the big decision making. So where do you start and what do you delegate first? 

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Photo by Tobias Mrzyk on Unsplash


As business picks up, you’re going to end up with more emails than you can handle, social media comments and questions and plenty of sales admin to keep up with. Sifting through all the noise can be a crucial part of the workload, hiring someone to check emails, respond, answer questions and deal with the day to day admin duties will be a weight off your mind once that person is in place. It takes some courage to hand over tasks like this to start with, but it’s so vital that you get help where you need it, and having this level of support will undoubtedly create more time and space for more significant and more important duties. 


You may have read the books and watched the videos, but unless you have a degree in marketing, you’re likely going to struggle with the marketing side of things. Lots of people think they know about social media adverts and all of the opportunities that can create, but having someone on board who really knows how to target your campaigns effectively, and help gain better leads for your business, will be worth their weight in gold. And when you see the new business coming in you will know this is an excellent investment.  


It sounds obvious, but even tasks such as cleaning can take up valuable time that you just don’t have when you’re building a successful business. Of course, your team still needs to see you leading from the front but with floors to sweep, the legs of tables to clean, and toilets to be unblocked you’ll be glad you saved time by hiring someone to take on these small tasks, allowing you time to focus. 

IT Services

Not everyone is a computer wizard, and it can be daunting to have to keep your computer systems up and running, for every second you’re offline you will be losing money. You have the option to hire Fully Managed IT Services which will take away yours and the team’s fear of systems going down, and give you the confidence to carry on business as usual. 
Even though nobody will care about your business as much as you do, you will be able to gain a world-class team around you to delegate to, and you will be glad you did. A big part of owning a business is making sure it runs smoothly and delegating tasks to the right people can be a massive advantage to any business owner.