by Brian McKay

When you run a business, it’s your job to ensure that you have a team on board that is not only the perfect fit for the job at hand but also a perfect fit for each other. When it comes to streamlining your company’s workload, the key to success is good communication between yourself and your team and also your team members themselves. It’s for this reason why having a team that is able to seamlessly together is so vital.

Of course, you can’t expect your team members to have an instant connection with each other, which is where team building comes in. Team building is extremely important for businesses in all sectors because it’s spending time together out of a working environment that can help to ensure that strong connections are built between your team members.

Bearing that in mind, the question is: what are the best ideas for team building days out? In answer to that question, below are eight ideas for work days out that are fun, interesting and unique.


Photo from Pixabay

1. Geocaching

Geocaching is like an adult treasure hunt, accept it uses smartphones instead of maps. A great way to use Geocaching for team building is to split your team in half and get them to work against each other to see who can find each Geocache on the map in a certain area before the other team. Then move to another area and mix the teams up again so that everyone gets to work with everyone.

2. Laser tag

While paint balling is great fun, it can also be extremely painful when you get hit and for this reason may not be to everyone’s tastes. Instead, why not opt to use laser tag as a team building activity - it’s fun, different and highly unique.

3. Escape room

There’s nothing quite like visiting an escape room to encourage your team members to work together. Escape rooms can be a lot of fun and are a great idea for a corporate event such as team building, as they require team work to beat and escape from. Just think how much fun visiting one of these would be.

4. Pizza making

Why not book your team into a local restaurnat or catering college for a pizza making party? Think how much fun this kind of casual get-together could be. Pizza making might be simple catering but it can also be a great way for your team members to bond, especially if there’s wine involved too. Just make sure to cater to team members with allergies, so that no one is left out.

5. Adventure activities

Although a somewhat traditional and cliche form of team building, adventure activities can be a great way for your team to build bonds. This is particularly true when they are really challenging themselves and stepping outside of their comfort zone, as this gives the whole team a chance to act as a support system, which is turn builds connections.

6. Trampolining

What better way to help your team to build bonds that to let them return to their youth with a day of trampolining? Just think how enjoyable this could be - just make sure that safety is taken seriously as a lot of accidents happen at trampoline parks.

7. Cycling tour

Head to a local outdoor park that has cycle routes and spend a day cycling with your team members. Choose different routes to conquer throughout the day and watch as your team members support and encourage each other.

8. Plan a night away

Sometimes spending a fully immersive time with your team members can be the key to helping them to build stronger bonds, and planning a night away at a retreat could be ideal.

There you have it, eight ideas for work days out that are guaranteed to help your employees build more meaningful connections.