by Lina Martinez


Launching a business can often seem like a lot of work. And in some ways, it always will be. There are a ton of things that you may have on your mind, but you have absolutely no idea where you should start. So sometimes, you just don’t. So, it’s often a really great idea to break things down and give yourself a few steps to work on at a time. Of course, a lot of these are going to feel tedious and boring. And really, there’s not a lot that you can do about that. You just have to go with it. However, to get the ball rolling and to get your momentum up, you may want to start with something fun. When you begin to work on things that spark your creativity and get you fired up for creating your business, it can mean you move on over to the boring stuff with ease. Now, the first thing that you can work on here, is your branding.

When it comes to your brand, the possibilities, the creativity, and the excitement is endless! When you’re running a business, you’re always going to be met with a lot of stress. It’s just something that goes with the territory. But, there’s a lot of fun and power to be found when it comes to your brand. So it’s always a good idea to make this as exciting, inspiring, and influential as possible. Because that’s what branding is all about - fun. So, if you want to really push your branding and bring your business alive, here are seven ideas to inspire you.

1. Choosing The Initial Brand Elements

It can be overwhelming to think about defining your brand. Maybe you have no idea what you want, or you can’t visualize what it should look like? Then do not do it yourself. If you really want to get it right and make an impact, hire a designer or branding expert that can create the design vision that fits your brand perfectly.


2. Being Creative With Color & Expression

While it is always worth investing in your brand creation, make sure that you have an input in what you want. And be creative with it. Choose colors that are going to fit your brand and allow it to stand out. Expressing your brand should always be fun, so try not to play it too safe.

3. Branding Your Office

Now, one thing that people can easily forget about, it bringing their brand into the real world. Sure, you can brand up a website or packaging, but why stop there? If you really want to make waves, then make sure your office space is designed with your brand colors and imagery. This will also give you a great backdrop for photos and content to share online.

4. Branding Everything In Your Office

And to really hit the ground running, brand everything else that you use too. Well, with in reason. Maybe not your desks and chairs, but you can totally brand encrypted USB drives, mugs, pens, and more. The things that are important to your daily office use! Even pick out furniture in your break room or waiting area that is on brand.

5. Keeping Your Online Presence Inline

Then, when you’re starting to do anything online, make sure that it is 100% branded. Don’t just start creating content in the hope that it will get noticed. If you want to make a strong impact, use your brand imagery, colors, fonts, and tone of voice in every single thing you put out.

6. Putting On A Show For PR

When it comes to your PR, have a little fun with it. Take your brand voice and personality, and put on a show. Make sure that your business is seen in the right light. Make this a show, and stay consistent with it. Then, you’ll start to get your brand message out there.

7. Telling A Story With Your Brand

And if you really want to excite your audience and make waves with what you’re doing, you need to tell a story. It’s just SO important for you to be able to engage your audience and bring them into your world. Sure, joined-up online efforts will help you to do this, and keeping your character alive with PR is important, but it’s the storytelling that really brings your brand alive. Decide what you want to be known for, and what your brand personality is. Then make sure that you’re always telling the right story, with every single piece of marketing that you put out into the world.