by Lina Martinez

Promoting your business doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult: these tips will help you get your name out there with minimal hassle.

Create A Blog

Creating a blog section on your website is a way for you to introduce the behind the scenes aspect of your product, including profiles of the people who work on your team, interviews with influencers, and relevant articles. Hire a copywriter who understands search engine optimisation so they can insert keywords into your blog posts that will mean your site is a top hit on Google.

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Send Out Information

In business, you can’t just wait for people to come to you - you also have to go to them. Journalists are always looking for new stories and new angles, so sending out press releases is a great way to attract their attention. Go for local media outlets as well as larger ones, and remember that online publications are always looking for content - and that they might have a wider brief about what they can publish because they don’t have to deal with the issue of how much physical space they have in a newspaper or magazine. 

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Use Social Media

Social media is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to build a brand online. It’s a way to create a specific voice that will endear people to you, which means they will be a lot more likely to buy your products. Set up a Twitter account, a Facebook page, and an Instagram account, and remember that different forms of social media should be utilized in different ways. Twitter is a great way to talk directly to people - you can also answer customer service questions on there, along with making announcements, and even participating in whatever’s trending, if it’s appropriate to your brand. Adopting a friendly yet professional manner is best for Twitter, although if you want to appeal to younger people, it doesn’t hurt to have a healthy understanding of memes and emojis. Facebook is an excellent way to build up a community, and tends to have a slightly older group of people using it, while Instagram is all about the aesthetic. The most important aspect of social media is consistency - schedule posts to go out a couple of times a day.

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What About Custom Products?

A great way to make people aware of your business is to create branded merchandise, whether that’s freebies that you hand out at trade fairs or items that you sell in an online store. These days, creating a brand that people will respond to is almost as important as creating an excellent product. The makeup brand Glossier has expanded into selling sweatshirts and slides purely on the strength of its brand and its aesthetic. Get pens printed for trade fairs, check out pins on, and consider what other products you could brand. If you’re focused on being eco friendly, why not create water bottles and reusable coffee cups? 

Social media is a great way to connect with people and promote your brand.